Iraq Becoming Terrorist Haven

April 28, 2006 at 9:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Isn’t this what we went into Iraq to supposedly prevent? Apparently though, Iraq is becoming a terrorist safe haven.

The State Department’s annual terrorism report finds that Iraq is becoming a safe haven for terrorists and has attracted a “foreign fighter pipeline” linked to terrorist plots, cells and attacks throughout the world, a senior State Department official involved in the preparation of the report told CNN.

(Side note: Perhaps this is why Bush doesn’t like to look at CNN….) 😉

The killer question (no pun intended) is, was Iraq really a terrorist safe haven BEFORE America went in? To answer that, there are other questions. How many “terrorist” attacks happened in Iraq before the United States invaded in March 2003? How many “terrorists” attacked other parts of the world who originated from Iraq before the United States invaded in March 2003? I remind you that terrorist attacks have INCREASED since we invaded Iraq, not decreased.

Terror attacks and kidnappings worldwide exceeded 10,000 for the first time last year, propelled in part by a surge in Iraq, according to government figures to be released soon.

Officials cautioned against reading too much into the overall total. The government last year adopted a new definition of terrorism and changed its system of counting global attacks, devoting more energy to finding reports of violence against civilians.

Yet the numbers are a striking reminder that violence around the globe has dramatically increased in the more than four years of the war on terror.

So what was the war in Iraq about if not to DECREASE terrorism? If the war in Iraq failed to decrease terrorism, what the hell did we go in there for? And if we have failed, why do we not hold those who came up with, implemented, and executed these policies?

This isn’t just business, where if your business fails all you lose is money. We are talking about lives. We are talking about human beings. We are talking about changing the shape of the future. These are not to be taken lightly. If there is failure, people must be held accountable.

It says a great deal about those who back Bush, a great deal about the standards they have for America and for themselves. They claim to be religious. They claim higher authorities. They claim a closer tie to the original Constitution. Yet when their plan fails, they don’t accept responsibility for their failures. Such a shame.

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