The Light of Christ vs The Secrets of Man

April 28, 2006 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I am one who is highly concerned and troubled by America’s (not to mention all the other nations of the world) panache for creating secrets upon secrets upon secrets. Dana Priest of the Washington Post wrote a bombshell of an article about black prisons in Europe and some are upset with her calling for her to be hanged in some cases! William Arkin who maintains a blog on Washington Post, has been under fire also regarding secrets…..

There are two things that trouble me.

1. We call ourselves a democracy. We say we are open and free. Yet we hide so many secrets. Are those two things not mutually exclusive? Can you be free and open while hiding many things? Are you no longer free and open, but rather closed and limited? What is the boundary between keeping secrets and being open?

2. For Mormons…..We believe in the Light of Christ. Can anything be hidden where the Light of Christ shines? Are there secrets in the light?

Men should not be trusted with secrets, governments of men should not be trusted with secrets. They’ve abused that trust in the past, and they WILL abuse that trust in the future.

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