Rumsfeld’s Legacy: Torture and Death

May 29, 2006 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Yes, this is what the legacy of this administration and this defense secretary will be for the rest of time and all eternity. He will not be remembered for trying to reform the Department of Defense for a 21st century, but for his efforts to undermine the goodwill and rightness of the US military’s treatment of prisoners. In the future, from now on, other countries will use our actions as excuse for their torturing their prisoners. “If the Great America can torture its prisoners, so can we,” will be the saying.

it is growing harder for top Pentagon officials, including Rumsfeld himself, to absolve themselves of all responsibility. Evidence is growing that the Pentagon has not been forthright on exactly when it was first warned of the alleged abuses at Abu Ghraib. U.S. officials continued to say they didn’t know until mid-January. But Red Cross officials had alerted the U.S. military command in Baghdad at the start of November. The Red Cross warned explicitly of MPs’ conducting “acts of humiliation such as [detainees’] being made to stand naked… with women’s underwear over the head, while being laughed at by guards, including female guards, and sometimes photographed in this position.”

I am saddened that more Americans, especially those professing a belief in Jesus, do not speak out more harshly about this. Have so many who profess a belief in Jesus forgotten that every single human being born on this planet is a son or daughter of God? I quote what the LDS Church has said on the subject. It is pretty all-encompassing.

The church “condemns inhumane treatment of any person under any circumstances,” said church spokesman Dale Bills. “The church has not taken a position on any proposed legislative or administrative actions regarding torture.”

that includes the “ticking-time-bomb” scenario that is a favorite for torturers to use as an excuse to torture. it’s the only real excuse they have for torturing prisoners and detainees. Nothing else comes close as a justification. And seeing that the “ticking-time-bomb” scenario is so rare, it is no justification for the general practice of torture.

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