Just Say NO!

June 13, 2006 at 11:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I just realized something. I’m reading this article in the Boston Globe that talks about Mit Romney’s efforts to raise money for his 2008 presidential bid. I have in my mind also Tom DeLay’s pay to play style of representing his constituents. How corrupted our system is that I cannot go to my representative and simply ask him to do something for me without me having to give him cash to do it. Back to the Romney article, I envisioned going up to Romney, shaking his hand and asking him to do something for me as he would represent me. The moment he would ask for money, I would say, “no.” just that simple.

Can we do that? Can we Americans use simple supply and demand and remove the supply ourselves? What would happen if Americans simply said no when a politician asked for money? I mean all Americans. It is argued that money is needed to ensure that poor folk have a chance to run for office against rich folk who simply will use their own funds to get their message out far better than any poor man can. But truthfully, for a presidential election, when did we last have a poor man run for president and come even close to succeeding? We would be diluding ourselves if we think that poor or middle class people could ever compete with elites in the political world.

So why not make the elitists earn their own way to the throne of American politics? Instead of taking money from strangers, from special interest groups, from constituents, etc., make them actually make a sacrifice in order to rule. Make it be a cost to their lives to rule this nation of ours, rather than a benefit. Make it be a sacrifice rather than a reward.

What do you think?

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