Krauthammer Is Just Itchin’ For a Fight With Iran….

August 24, 2006 at 11:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

you can read it in his op-ed in the Washington Post.

Realistically speaking, the point of this multilateral exercise cannot be to stop Iran’s nuclear program by diplomacy. That has always been a fantasy. It will take military means. There would be terrible consequences from an attack. These must be weighed against the terrible consequences of allowing an openly apocalyptic Iranian leadership to acquire weapons of genocide.

The point of the current elaborate exercise in multilateral diplomacy is to slightly alter that future calculation. By demonstrating extraordinary forbearance and accommodation, perhaps we will have purchased the acquiescence of our closest allies — Britain, Germany and, yes, France — to a military strike on that fateful day when diplomacy has run its course.

Yeah, you go get them! Can you sense the fate of inevitability? All the “multilateral diplomacy” is just a show, just a ruse, in his eyes. It’s only meant to delay the inevitable. War with Iran. What a sad little man is Mr. Krauthammer. Why are people listening to him?


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  1. Dan,

    Your commentary on Iran in the last three posts, I think, is accurate. The most ironic thing to me is that for all of Bush’s tough talk about terrorist states, support for terrorist states and the war on terror, he has achieved almost the exact opposite of his rhetoric.

    The true terrorist states in the middle east, and those that actually have the potential ability to strike U.S. interests, Iran and Syria, are as you point out stronger than ever.

    Bush would have been more consistent to have gone after Iran or Syria instead of Iraq–because they truly do actively support terrorists and are terrorist states.

    Bush is a mass of incompetent inconsistency. He can’t leave office too soon for the good of this nation. He should be impeached and tried in the United States Congress. With any luck the democrats will re-take congress this November and put a stop to this Alice in Wonderland Administration. Thanks for these posts–they are great!

  2. Thanks Guy,

    yeah, it is my belief that the Bush Administration is in a situation where they cannot actually change their plans, as faulty as they are, because changing them will play out politically like their opponents were correct, which we are. 😉

    True change won’t occur in America until the Bush Administration is out of power.

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