King George IV

September 23, 2006 at 2:32 pm | Posted in American politics, Torture, War on Terror | 3 Comments

Yes, he gets the right to torture individuals now, whomever he deems a terrorist, and only he gets to interpret the Geneva Conventions as he sees fit. Congratulations America! You broke away from one King George to get another King George!

Detainee Deal Full of Contradictions

The compromise reached on Thursday between Congressional Republicans and the White House on the interrogations and trials of terrorism suspects is, legal experts said yesterday, a series of interlocking paradoxes.

It would impose new legal standards that it forbids the courts to enforce.

It would guarantee terrorist masterminds charged with war crimes an array of procedural protections. But it would bar hundreds of minor figures and people who say they are innocent bystanders from access to the courts to challenge their potentially lifelong detentions.

And while there is substantial disagreement about just which harsh interrogation techniques the compromise would prohibit, there is no dispute that it would allow military prosecutors to use statements that had been obtained under harsh techniques that are now banned.

How shameful


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  1. Bush is the New Hitler and all Republicans and Democrats “haben es gewusst”. The American people only have one chance left in the upcoming elections. But the propaganda machine will lead them to the wrong choice. Shame on the USA!

  2. hey Bruno. Thanks for commenting. I don’t think this will be the last chance America has, but America does definitely need to change course before it really gets bad. I think we’re seeing just the beginning of the evil to come here in America.

  3. Bruno, you minimize the evil of Hitler by casually equating others with him. No matter how much you disagree with President Bush, any assertion that he is as evil as Hitler is an affront to reason and decency.

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