Ten Hours vs. Three Days

September 28, 2006 at 6:28 pm | Posted in American politics, Democracy, King George, Torture, War on Terror | 2 Comments

Paul Kiel on TPMuckraker has an interesting comparison of this detainee bill today, and the marriage and family bill of June.

Apparently Mr. Frist, Senator from Tennessee thinks 10 hours of debate will be enough for a bill that removes habeas corpus from American law, and gives the President king-like powers. But….back in June, Mr. Frist gave the Senate three full days of debate on the issue of marriage and family. When Democrats complained, look at what Mr. Santorum said: “If it was purely politics, let me assure you we’d be debating this in September.”

We’re in September, and what bill are Republicans rushing through before they go on break? Is Mr. Santorum suggesting that if a bill is being worked on in September, it is done for political reasons?


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  1. It is instructive that the Constitutional Convention was held in secret. Once politics gets out in the open, people start acting like politicians. That certainly is a two-edged sword. I wish bills could be debated only on their merits. Perhaps that is utopian. Of couse they have to work on something in September. I just wish it didn’t have to have “political” (which usually means “not straightforward or honest”) overtones.

  2. That is an interesting point. One of the things I agree with libertarians on is that we take back the 17th Amendment and make Senators be elected by state representatives rather than the people. This might help get some sense of actual care for the country, and not for their own political hide.

    I take Sen. Santorum at his word, that in his eyes, legislation that takes place in September is politically motivated rather than out of a concern for the country.

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