The GOP Strategy: Blame Democrats

October 7, 2006 at 2:43 am | Posted in American politics, Christianity, Democracy, Foley, King George, Republicans, Revising History | 4 Comments

Yet again, no matter that it was a Republican aide who released the emails to ABC, no matter that it was a Republican Congressman who instigated and acted in a predatory manner to House pages, no matter that it was the Republican House leader, Hastert, who knew about this for the past few years, Republicans have decided this week that their strategy is to blame Democrats.

The Wall Street Journal began it early this week, as I’ve previously shown, with no apology for being wrong. This shows that Republicans care more about keeping control of Congress than about getting to the bottom of what happened. Is this the party of conservative principles? Is this the party of religious believers? What happened guys?

Republicans are blaming Democrats but offer up no evidence, because there is none. They know this, but they also know that conservatives don’t care. Conservatives have proven to only care about blaming Democrats for this or that, regardless of the evidence. They’ve lost their way. They ought not to be called conservative anymore, because they do a great disservice to the principles of the philosophy.


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  1. You know, when Democrats started blaming Republicans, it was the end for them, this borrowed strategy does not bode well in the reverse and will probably get them as far.

  2. Well said, Stephen. The attempt to stay in power, rather than get the bad guys, will not work, even in the short term. I think Republicans see the writing on the wall and feel that in order to stay in power, they’ve gotta lower their standards even lower, to now blame Democrats for everything. Toilet not functioning in the men’s restroom in the Capitol Building? Must be Democrats at fault. How sad that a party that was supposed to be so principled as the Republican party has stooped so low.

  3. The entire theme of your blog is blame-Bush, so you are in good company with Repubs.

  4. well, Bush is ruining this country, so as long as he is in power, then I will continue blaming him. It is that simple. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read my blog, Mr. LDSPatriot. 🙂

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