McCain: It’s All Clinton’s Fault!

October 11, 2006 at 3:31 pm | Posted in American politics, Bill Clinton, Iraq, King George, North Korea, World Events | 5 Comments

John McCain, showing he is interested in lowering his standards rather than keeping with his straight talk express, joins the Republican chorus blaming Bill Clinton for North Korea’s nuclear test this past Sunday. That’s right, Mr. McCain, because the past six years under Bush did not exist, right?

What has been Bush’s policy toward North Korea these past six years? I remind you that Clinton confronted North Korea in 1994 over its nuclear ambitions, and as former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry writes, we came close to a military conflict in 1994 over this issue. In other words, Clinton offered carrots with a stick. Bush, in these past six years, offered nothing. Instead, Bush folded his arms and pouted, “I ain’t talkin’ to that meanie!” There is no threat of attacking North Korea. In fact, just today, Bush said that while North Korea is a threat to the world, there is no plan to attack them. Gee, I wonder, what Bush would have said if Saddam had tested a nuclear weapon and threatened America with war based on America’s rhetoric towards Iraq, as North Korea has towards America?

To blame Clinton when Bush has had six years to do something about this, and in the which time he has done absolutely nothing productive, is to be dishonest and disingenuous. Shame on you Mr. McCain. You care more about political gains than the truth!


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  1. So are you saying Bush should have invaded North Korea as he did Iraq?

  2. Doc,

    Thanks for posting. First off, I hope you don’t mind that I fixed the spelling.

    As to what should have been done, well, Colin Powell had said right at the start of the Bush Administration in 2001 that direct talks with NK would be the policy of the Bush Administration, only to be slapped in the face by Bush himself. I think Bush should have listened to his wise Secretary of State back then.

    I don’t think he should have invaded North Korea as he has Iraq. That’s the worst possible thing to do, as is clearly evidenced by our failure in Iraq. The reason North Korea continued building the bomb over the past four years is because Bush has bluffed with harsh language that had no force behind them. As Bush just said today, America has no plan to attack North Korea. Well, yeah, so why should North Korea listen to us? They don’t trust us to our word, and we don’t intend to fight them. Why should they stop their nuclear ambitions?

  3. I can agree with this. The treatment of Colin Powelll by Bush is THE biggest strike against him in my book. This is saying something since there are so many. He was the only man in that cabinet who had a lick of sense regarding the world and the way it works and it got him purged. Yes, cowboy mouth bravado really is not a useful foreign policy.

  4. Note to the Democrat sheeple, McCain was right there in the Clinton negotiations. What did our $1billion given to Kim Jong Il do? He laughed and spent it on his blonde whores and well-fed army. His people are starving in the streets and he went ahead with a nuclear bomb. Good going Clinton! Whoopie! See more at

  5. Mic,

    Actually Clinton delayed North Korea’s development of the nuclear bomb. It wasn’t until Bush came to power that North Korea continued their development. What did Bush do? Pouted.

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