Christians Fleeing Iraq

October 17, 2006 at 11:52 am | Posted in Christianity, Church, Iraq, Mormon, Religion | 8 Comments

Christians are fleeing Iraq in droves because of the violence. Many Mormons justified their support of this war on Iraq “opening” to the Gospel. What do you say now, my Mormon friends? Can you visualize missionaries walking around Iraq today?


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  1. Many Mormons are already in Iraq making a significant difference to the country and its people. That fact that President Hinckley supported regime change in Iraq ought to be enough reason for LDS to have faith it was the right thing to do. Why are your so pessimistic all the time?

  2. “significant difference?” Show me what significant difference Mormons are making in Iraq to the country and its people. Show me how Mormons are stopping the killings and bringing peace to that country.

    I am pessimistic because the world around is falling into violence and death. I am optimistic about those who advocate peace. Unfortunately they are not in power in America right now. But that will change in a couple of weeks.

  3. My friends who support this war say that it is the beginning of the Holocaust that will bring the return of Christ.

    Maybe they’re right, Dan. It had to happen if you read scripture.

  4. Anne,

    We ought to look forward to Christ to END the violence, not look forward to the violence to bring Christ to us. Can you see the difference? One is about selfish motives. We wish for the Savior to come save us, so we expedite the violence that supposedly brings him closer, whereas the other prays that the Savior comes before we kill each other completely. One cares about himself while the other cares about others. One is charitable, one is selfish.

    Rapturists look with glee on the violence and murder and death in the Middle East. They are not of God. No man of God can look upon violence with any degree of happiness, regardless of its outcome.

    Moreover, just because something is prophesied in scripture does not justify us being the instigators of that prophecy. Nephi saw the destruction of his people in prophecy. Does that mean that those who brought upon the destruction of his people were fulfilling the word of God, and therefore are exempt from the consequences of their actions? Hardly. This is the difference between predestination and foreordination. One justifies his actions because God says he would do it either way, without taking into account his own choice, while the other realizes that God is omniscient and sees what actions his sons and daughters will make of their own free will. That does not discount the punishment to come to the wicked. Any who sin will be punished regardless if God knew they were going to sin anyways.

    James E. Talmage said:

    Respecting the foreknowledge of God, let it not be said that divine
    omniscience is of itself a determining cause whereby events are inevitably
    brought to pass.
    A mortal father who knows the weaknesses and frailties of
    his son may by reason of that knowledge sorrowfully predict the calamities
    and sufferings awaiting his wayward boy. He may foresee in that son’s future
    a forfeiture of blessings that could have been won, loss of position, self-
    respect, reputation and honor; even the dark shadows of a felon’s cell and
    the night of a drunkard’s grave may appear in the saddening visions of that
    fond father’s soul; yet, convinced by experience of the impossibility of
    bringing about that son’s reform, he foresees the dread developments of the
    future, and he finds but sorrow and anguish in his knowledge. Can it be said
    that the father’s foreknowledge is a cause of the son’s sinful life? The
    son, perchance, has reached his maturity; he is the master of his own
    destiny; a free agent unto himself. The father is powerless to control by
    force or to direct by arbitrary command; and, while he would gladly make any
    effort or sacrifice to save his son from the fate impending, he fears for
    what seems to be an awful certainty. But surely that thoughtful, prayerful,
    loving parent does not contribute to the son’s waywardness because of his
    knowledge. To reason otherwise would be to say that a neglectful father, who
    takes not the trouble to study the nature and character of his son, who shuts
    his eyes to sinful tendencies, and rests in careless indifference as to the
    probable future, will by his very heartlessness be benefiting his child,
    because his lack of forethought cannot operate as a contributory cause to

    9. Our Heavenly Father has a full knowledge of the nature and dispositions of
    each of His children, a knowledge gained by long observation and experience
    in the past eternity of our primeval childhood; a knowledge compared with
    which that gained by earthly parents through mortal experience with their
    children is infinitesimally small. By reason of that surpassing knowledge,
    God reads the future of child and children, of men individually and of men collectively as communities and nations; He knows what each will do under given conditions, and sees the end from the beginning. His foreknowledge is based on intelligence and reason; He foresees the future as a state which naturally and surely will be; not as one which must be because He has arbitrarily willed that it shall be.

    In other words, men of God do not attempt to bring about prophecies of destruction to pass, unless they themselves wish to be held accountable for that destruction.

  5. … President Hinckley supported regime change in Iraq…

    Really? Citation?

  6. Matthew 10:34

    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

  7. Jim,

    The Savior also said in Matthew 5:43-44:

    43 ¶ Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

  8. christians fleeing iraq? WHO ISN’T FLEEING IRAQ? everyone in iraq wants to leave, duh?!

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