The Point of Terrorism: To Terrorize

October 20, 2006 at 9:29 pm | Posted in American politics, Republicans, War on Terror | 5 Comments

Atrios says it best:

The point of terrorism is, as the name suggests, to terrorize. Not simply to kill and destroy, but to frighten the broader population. It puzzles me why the RNC has found common cause with terrorists in their new ad campaign, and it puzzles me more why they want to highlight the fact that over 5 years after 9/11 George Bush has failed to catch the guy responsible.

It is very strange that they’re proud of this.

So…..why would Republicans resort to using terrorists to promote their candidates?


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  1. Who is “the guy” responsible for 9/11, Dan? Osama Bin Laden is a catch phrase for a movement, not a person. All politicians use it, as they argue over who could better solve this problem.

    But what happened on 9/11 goes a lot deeper than one person or ideology, or, God forbid, political party.

  2. The guy responsible for 9/11, Anne, is Osama Bin Laden. The irony is that Republicans use him to denounce Democrats, but they don’t seem to realize the irony….They’ve had five years in power to capture or kill the one who caused 9/11 and have failed, and they now have the audacity to use him for political purposes. Oh the irony.

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  4. I ran across an interesting tidbit today – the Daisy commercial used during the LBJ campaign as a fearmongering tactic to threaten nuclear war if the electorate didn’t vote Democrat. This tool is used by people on both sides of the aisle, not just the GOP.

  5. Connor,

    Right, I wasn’t looking historically with this post, but just this election.

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