Bush’s New Double-Speak

October 23, 2006 at 4:40 pm | Posted in American politics, Iraq, King George, War on Terror | 2 Comments

Bush recently said that he’s never been for “stay the course!” Is he lying?

Bush is wrong:

BUSH: We will stay the course. [8/30/06]

BUSH: We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq. [8/4/05]

BUSH: We will stay the course until the job is done, Steve. And the temptation is to try to get the President or somebody to put a timetable on the definition of getting the job done. We’re just going to stay the course. [12/15/03]

BUSH: And my message today to those in Iraq is: We’ll stay the course. [4/13/04]

BUSH: And that’s why we’re going to stay the course in Iraq. And that’s why when we say something in Iraq, we’re going to do it. [4/16/04]

BUSH: And so we’ve got tough action in Iraq. But we will stay the course. [4/5/04]

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Full transcript:

STEPHANOPOULOS: James Baker says that he’s looking for something between “cut and run” and “stay the course.”

BUSH: Well, hey, listen, we’ve never been “stay the course,” George. We have been — we will complete the mission, we will do our job, and help achieve the goal, but we’re constantly adjusting to tactics. Constantly.


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  1. Far from being specific to Bush, this tactic is used by politicians extensively. They count on the peoples’ lack of long-term memory in order to say one thing and then say another at a later time, denying that they ever said the first thing.

    Thank God for the internet, where we can hold all politicians accountable for previously statements and actions.

  2. Have people forgotten that “Mission accomplished” banner?

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