What Goes Around…..

October 24, 2006 at 8:09 pm | Posted in American politics, King George, Torture | 1 Comment

comes around. Other nations in the world now justify torturing individuals because America does it. It wasn’t going to take long before this happened.

Several governments around the world have tried to rebut criticism of how they handle detainees by claiming they are only following the U.S. example in fighting terrorism, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture said Monday.

Manfred Nowak said that when he criticizes governments for their questionable treatment of detainees, they respond by telling him that if the United States does something, it must be all right. He would not name any countries except Jordan.

“The United States has been the pioneer . . . of human rights and is a country that has a high reputation in the world,” Nowak said at a news conference. “Today, many other governments are kind of saying: ‘But why are you criticizing us? We are not doing something different than what the United States is doing.’ “

For those who back Bush and his desire to torture prisoners, is this a sacrifice you are willing to make? Do you care now that other countries are following America’s lead and justifying their actions (probably far worse than what Bush legalized) because we do it?

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  1. Had to happen. If America, the paragon of all that is goodness and light is doing it, then it must be OK for everybody.

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