Cheney Endorses Waterboarding

October 27, 2006 at 10:11 pm | Posted in American politics, Cheney, Torture, War on Terror | 4 Comments

Cheney calls waterboarding a detainee a “no brainer.” Huh, so….

“If Iran or Syria detained an American, Cheney is saying that it would be perfectly fine for them to hold that American’s head under water until he nearly drowns, if that’s what they think they need to do to save Iranian or Syrian lives,” said Tom Malinowski, Washington advocacy director for Human Rights Watch.

Or is torture only good when Americans do it?


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  1. Or is torture only good when Americans do it?

    I think the administration’s viewpoint, hypocritical as it is, is that torture is good, provided the Syrians or the Egyptians do it on our behalf, and nobody finds out about it.

  2. Mark,

    That is a good point. I think your last few words are key, that “nobody finds out about it.” Secrets are not the hallmark of an open society.

  3. Dan, the torture techniques authorized and advocated by our government in the name of freedom and liberty have exacted an even higher price than we knew.

  4. I heard that Ann Coulter had a fall, broke her jaw, and it is now WIRED SHUT!!

    All we need now if for Dick Cheney to hit a fire hydrant with his car, be trapped in the wreckage with the water spraying on his face (a la “waterboarding”) and we will KNOW there is a God with a sense of humor!

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