Kyrgyzstan Leader and Organized Crime

October 30, 2006 at 9:09 pm | Posted in America, King George, War on Terror | 2 Comments

It seems one of our “allies” in the “war on terror,” Kyrgyzstan, has ties to organized crime around the world. How far are Americans willing to go in sacrificing our principles for our security?


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  1. The former leader of Kyrgyzstan. Bakiev’s no saint, but your title’s a bit misleading when the article is about Akaev.

    I unquestionably agree with you that Kyrgyzstan is not an excellent choice for an ally. But there is not a better choice in the region, and we have to have allies in the region.

    Gansi Air Base is used in operations in Afghanistan, not Iraq. I’m a lot more convinced that the military action in Afghanistan has been beneficial than in Iraq, and I’m not ready to say we should pull out of Afghanistan completely, and it would be very hard to continue there without Gansi.

    Completely pulling out of every part of Central Asia might have some advantages, but there could be some serious disadvantages, and Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are definitely the best choices right now.

  2. The former leader of Kyrgyzstan.

    Right, my apologies for not making that clear.

    Boy, I just have so many bad feelings about our actions in Central Asia. We definitely need allies there, but we’re just bedding with the wrong people. That massacre in Uzbekistan and how the Bush Administration responded to it speaks volumes. We’re alienating the very people we need on our side. I really wonder if it is a lost cause, for us to have real allies in Central Asia, and not just dictators who rule over their countries with iron fists.

    I don’t think we should pull out of Afghanistan; like you, I think this is the country we should have focused on, and we can possibly still salvage.

    The ripple effects of focusing on Iraq continue to show.

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