Olmert Offers Peace Gestures Towards Palestinians

November 27, 2006 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Israel | 7 Comments

This is a great step in the right direction in the Middle East. Olmert is offering many things to stop the violence and bring the two sides a little closer together. My gut feeling tells me that Hamas won’t accept it, because they say it is too little. I hope they wisen up. The only way forward is through living in peace with Israel.


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  1. Yes, well, not accepting the other side’s peace proposals has been a part and parcel of politics in this part of the world for decades. Israel is in fact simultaneously rejecting Hamas’s call for an international peace conference. Yeesh. Olmert’s speech is a good sign though, and I sure hope that enough Palestinians are willing to meet Olmert halfway that the region can start moving towards peace, because it’s been moving away from it for far too long.


  2. Be careful not to write anything against Israel. Looks like I was just censored off of LDSelect after writing a few pieces critical of Israel.

  3. there seem to be a few problems with the peace offer. Isreal is still denying the right of refugee return for palestinians, which has been supported in the past by UN resolutions (of course, Israel has never paid much attention to UN resolutions), and Israel asks palestine to give up violence which is a very strange thing to ask as Israel is apparently not willing to give up violence themselves.
    Remember, it was Israel that started the latest round of violence, not with the Palestinian capture of Shalit, but with the kidnapping of the Muamar brothers (not really reported on in the west) and the killing of the family on the beach. Also, Israel has totally been the aggressor during this period, killing almost 400 people, knocking out electrical facilities (a war crime) and in general, ignoring their responsibility under the geneva conventions to protect the population of the land they occupy.

  4. Unitedcats,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, that is one of the sad parts about this whole conflict. I do really hope both sides have had enough of the violence and hatred. But I’m not holding my breath…

  5. Curtis,

    I’m sorry they censored you.

    It’s a very tough situation both sides are facing. I really hope that they realize that to continue gets neither side their desired results. Violence never has.

  6. What is LDselect? I had a comment deleted off of one rather pro-Israel blog, so be it. While I am often harshly critical of aspects of Israeli policy, I am not condemning Israel or Israelis, and usually that is clear. And I’m usually clear that I condemn ALL violoence, especially violence against innocents. I am hoping that things may improve, because I think the last war may have convinced enough people on all sides that a “military victory” is probably not going to be in anyone’s cards from now on. On the the other hand we are closer than ever to a regional war in the Middle East, God help us all if that transpires.


  7. LDSelect is a website that links together LDS based blogs. They can be blogs by Mormons or about Mormons.

    While I am often harshly critical of aspects of Israeli policy, I am not condemning Israel or Israelis, and usually that is clear.

    That’s how I generally am too. I feel that we are not a good friend to Israel if we cannot step in and let them know some policies are foolish. Those who call Americans that critique Israel as anti-Israel are saying that if your friend is a heavy drinker and he’s about to go driving drunk, that you must stay silent and let him drive drunk, because we’re supposed to be “fully supportive” of our friends.

    Sometimes a friend needs to slap his friend in the face to wake him up from his stupor.

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