Going After Bad Guys, Or Becoming Bad Guys?

December 5, 2006 at 11:18 pm | Posted in America, American politics, Drugs, King George, Mexico | Leave a comment

I stumbled across this article called The House of Death in the Observer, a British paper. Glenn Greenwald gives a rundown of the lengthy article. When you read the article and Greenwald’s comments, you wonder why this hasn’t gotten more press yet.

Apparently in their attempts to go after a Mexican drug lord, the Justice Department, with the approval from the Attorney General, Mr. Gonzales, recruited an informant, to infiltrate the cartel and get enough evidence to nab the drug lord. Well this informant apparently was commanded to kill someone by the drug lord. He did so, all while wearing a wire for the Justice department. It would seem about the time for the Justice department to let him go, as a failed informant, and perhaps arrest him and try him for murder. Right? Apparently, the Justice department continued using him, even after he murdered 11 individuals for this drug lord. He was even told to go take out a DEA agent, who survived, and complained to the Justice department. Apparently the Justice department fired this DEA agent for his complaints. The murdering informant is now in a jail awaiting deportation to Mexico. Read the whole article. It should send chills into your spine about just how low our government is apparently willing to go to fight bad guys. If our government goes so low as to keep supporting a murderer, how can our government be good anymore? Does it not become the bad guy?

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