Saudi American Relations

December 12, 2006 at 11:50 pm | Posted in America, American politics, Cheney, Iraq, King George, Republicans, Saudi Arabia | Leave a comment

I just have a few comments on recent events between Saudi Arabia and the United States. The current Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Turki, abruptly resigned and flew back to Saudi Arabia. No ambassador quits so quickly, especially not one that has such powerful connections, unless something is wrong. The article states that Turki wishes to spend more time with his family. Isn’t this excuse overused? Especially since later in the article they talk about the fact that he will probably replace Saud as the foreign minister.

Most telling in the piece is this little gem:

King Abdullah summoned Vice President Cheney after Thanksgiving for talks on Iraq and other Middle East flashpoints.

Who has the power to “summon” the vice president of the United States! And Cheney, blusterous, blundering, I-am-He-Man hear me roar, Cheney meekly and quietly obeyed. No comments from Cheney about being ordered around? No comments from right wingers on their vice president so easily commanded by a foreign entity? A king no less. An authoritarian, a despot. Not some democratically elected individual, mind you.

Boy when all secrets are finally revealed, I wonder how disturbed we might be about the relationship between the Saudi Royal Kingdom and the United States government, especially the Bushes. I think it will make Jefferson’s treasonous relationship with the French look like child’s play by comparison.

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