Rice and Powell on Iraq Pre-9/11

December 20, 2006 at 9:50 pm | Posted in condoleezza rice, Iraq, wmd | 5 Comments

No, some things will never be forgotten.



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  1. Unbelievable! These people are shameless.

  2. Do you remember those conversations, Guy? I actually remember Powell’s remarks, and then after 9/11 kept wondering why the rhetoric shifted. here is a link to an earlier post of mine where I “keep in mind” other previous forgotten truths, such as Powell’s remarks.

  3. Yeah, if the Republicans could only be as honest and forthright as their Democratic counterparts, like Sandy Burger.

  4. Dan, Actually no I didn’t independently remember the remarks; but, I’m not at all surprised at the way Bush handles anything anymore. He is one of the most amoral politicians I have ever seen, on a par with or even exceeding Richard Nixon. He is actually Nixon without the overtly dark side.

    Some Dude: What’s your point? How many young American service men and women did Sandy Burger send to their deaths because of incompetence on his part?

  5. Guy,

    Yeah, I remember back in 2001 when Colin Powell held that conference. I was impressed by his straightforward talk. I remember when he talked about North Korea, that the Bush administration would follow the footsteps of Clinton’s policies on North Korea, only to be publicly humiliated by his boss the very next day. Powell is really the most tragic figure in this administration, very well respected by everybody around the world, but too loyal for his own good.

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