Few Stood Against Many…

December 21, 2006 at 8:49 pm | Posted in freedom, Mel Gibson, Military, Mormon, neo-conservatives, War | 3 Comments

I just watched the trailer for the new movie coming out in March 2007 called “300.” It looks like a gorgeous artistic film, along the lines of Sin City from 2005. I noticed something in the trailer, the theme of the film seems to be “few stood against many,” which I’ve noticed is a common theme in American filmmaking recently, the glorification of the few against incredible insurmountable odds. The few also happen to be “free men,” the ideal utopian group that has their lives interrupted by an invading force. (Mel Gibson used this too in his film Apocalypto). It seems we’re getting fancier, more professional, more artistic, in our worship of the hero, the warrior, the David against a massive Goliath. I’m noticing a lot of glorifying of the hero and the warrior, the soldier in everything around us here in America, and not just entertainment. But in all these cases, these heroes and warriors rely on the ethically and morally compromising arm of flesh to succeed, and one has to wonder if we drink too much in their glory to rely on God for our protection. President Spencer W. Kimball warned us about our worshiping of the gods of steel and muscle. Can we escape this worship when it is all around us?

Furthermore, can we ever get something this beautifully artistic without all the violence and gore? I still want to see Sin City for its style and cinematography, but am kept away by the brutishness and coarseness of its violence.

UPDATE: Oh, fittingly, the enemy in this show is the Persian Empire….

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  1. This is a typical post showing the weakness and ineptitude of the liberal mind. Are you serious with this post? You are worried by some gore and some violence? I am not a republic, and I am not a democrat, but haven’t you ever heard — the free man is a warrior.

    You do not have the spirit of a free man. You have the mindset and opinions of a conquered slave, a mediocre mind, and someone utterly unworthy to represent a free nation. You should be ashamed. We need more of the type of attitude that prevails in films like 300, the warrior mentality, the lack of compassion for enemies that compromises our power and might. There can be no prisoners in a war against unreasonable enemies. If you do not realize that, you deserve to perish with the other weak minded liberals. This country demands strength, not — as Arnold would say — girly men such as yourself.

  2. Jonathan,

    The free man a warrior? Hardly. Warriors are dead men. They live for death, not for life. I thought 300 taught you that. That’s not a very stable life. Sure, it is romantic and adventurous, but just what kind of future do you leave for your children if you are dead?

  3. In the case of the movie, the children were left with a free life.

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