Romney Voted For Tsongas!

December 22, 2006 at 1:32 am | Posted in America, American politics, Democracy, Democrats, Mit Romney, Republicans | 3 Comments

Wow, I’m really liking the old Romney! He voted for Paul Tsongas, the liberal Democrat back in 1992. That’s who I wanted to win back then. How ’bout that! What happened Romney? Why vote for a very liberal candidate? Were you preparing yourself for your failed run for Senate in 1994 in Massachusetts, and figured the best way to prove your “liberal” credentials to the voters of that very liberal Northeast state is to vote for the local kid?

Here’s a brief bio on Paul Tsongas. I knew there was a reason I liked him back then!

In particular, he focused on the United States budget deficit and its harmful effects, a cause he continued to champion after his primary campaign ended by co-founding The Concord Coalition

I wonder if Tsongas were alive today and running again if Romney would even think about voting for him…I doubt Tsongas would have changed his opinion over these past 16 years.

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  1. So do I lose street cred as a conservative for supporting Pete Ashdown for Senate and even volunteering on his campaign? That’s some pretty weak sauce.

  2. I should clarify, as I’ve gone and read more about Tsongas. he was actually fairly moderate, not “very liberal” as I stated above. Still this was just another example of Romney shifting hard right since the 2002 election. Before that, he was a pretty good guy (and had I known back in 2002 that he voted for Tsongas in 1992, I would have been even more supportive of Romney in Massachusetts), who was a clean, straight forward moderate.

    The timing of his “conversion” to the hard right conservatives stinks of politics. Even if he genuinely shifted to the right, he will face these questions because of the timing.

    And again, I wouldn’t be so hard on Romney if he didn’t support Bush’s torture laws. If he admits it was a mistake to support that policy, I will get back to supporting him, because he really is a good guy. I will fight against all candidates that support torture.

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