Iran’s Influence in Afghanistan Grows

December 27, 2006 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Afghanistan, American politics, Bush Administration, George W Bush, Iran, Iraq, King George, Middle East | 2 Comments

Chalk one up to the incompetence of the Bush Administration. By diverting our attention from Afghanistan and taking on a second project in Iraq, we’ve left Afghanistan weak these past five years, to the point now that Iran’s influence is felt very strongly in Afghanistan now, as much as in Iraq.

So…..just how was the mission in Iraq supposed to fundamentally alter the Middle East in our favor?


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  1. Iran is very much against the enemies we have in the Taliban who are very Sunni.


  2. hey Stephen,

    Yes, that’s really the most fascinating aspect. Not only are the Taliban Sunni, but so is Al-Qaida, Saddam Hussein, oh and…the Saudi Royal Family. But if we back the Shi’ites, then we’re backing Hezbollah and the mullahs in Iran.

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