Gerald Ford: Bush Wrong About Iraq

December 28, 2006 at 3:33 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, George W Bush, Gerald Ford, Iraq, Middle East, War on Terror | 4 Comments

In an interview in 2004 that was apparently embargoed—take a wild guess who embargoed this interview from going public—President Gerald Ford said Bush was very wrong about invading and occupying Iraq.

Where are realists like Ford in the Republican party these days?


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  1. Dan, I’m pretty sure it was self-embargoed by Ford. I watched Woodward tonight on Larry King, and came away with that distinct impression from his comments. It’s typical of Ford as well, not to go public with a disagreement with a sitting president–though he apparently have Woodward the go ahead to publish this upon his death. And, true to form, Woodward didn’t waste much time.

    I’m pleased to see this come out though. I think it demonstrates just how isolated George Bush is in his myopic vision of and prosecution of this war. I think though there have been some realists. Dick Clark, and others have spoken out. Brent Scowcroft and James Baker,III and all the other republican members of the Baker/Hamilton committee I think have spoken out. The problem, as I see it, is that those who are the “deciders” aren’t listening. They don’t want to listen. They have no intention of taking anyone’s advice. It will now be up to the democratic congress to operate as a check and balance on this out of control administration.

  2. So far that democratic congress is not doing too much to check the Bush administration though. Pretty dissappointing.

  3. Guy,

    Thanks for the update. I hadn’t seen the report that Ford himself embargoed it. It’s too bad Ford didn’t let it go public in 2004. It might have altered the election. Then again, with how perversely divisive 2004 was, it might not have mattered.

    It must surely cut to the hearts of both Cheney and Rumsfeld as they were proteges of Mr. Ford.

  4. Curtis,

    It takes time. Mr. Bush still has the world’s largest microphone. As long as he continues holding it, it will be hard to change course. I’d love to see him impeached tomorrow. That’s what will be best for America, but alas, we have to move at the pace of the slowest hiker.

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