What In Heaven’s Name is Romney Thinking?

December 29, 2006 at 1:36 am | Posted in Massachusetts, Mit Romney, Mitt Romney | 3 Comments

How low, and how far to the right must Mitt Romney go to prove himself a conservative to the voters of South Carolina? He now is blackmailing Massachusetts lawmakers into passing his gay marriage amendment against their wishes.

Governor Mitt Romney may refuse to move ahead on automatic pay raises for lawmakers unless they vote next week on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages, a top administration official said yesterday.

The thing is that this pay raise is constitutionally required, so technically, Romney would be breaking the law to force them to vote. Moreover, the incoming governor can simply give them their automatic raise. So what the hell is Romney thinking? Is he really doing this to score conservative points? Is that how base conservatives really are these days? Seriously, Mr. Romney, what has happened to you?


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  1. And yet, a closer reading of the article shows that the legislature is more-or-less abrogating their responsibility to do what the voters asked them to. Citizens got 170,000 signatures to put the issue on the ballot and the legislature has decided to ignore it and let the issue languish instead of giving voters a say! All this after the courts ramrodded same-sex marriage onto the people of Massachusetts. I say cheers to Romney for not letting the legislature ignore the people when they’ve gone to such great lengths to get an issue on the ballot. Choosing to vote down the issue would be okay (if not disappointing); trying to ignore it so it will go away is irresponsible governing.

    You may think it’s grandstanding for the primaries (and a little of it might be), but you can’t ignore the legislature’s culpability on the issue. Aren’t you supportive of gay marriage bans anyway? Or have you had a Romney-like change of heart? 😉

  2. Haha

    I’m all for banning gay marriage, but it must be done properly. Why the need to rush this? If the citizens of Massachusetts feel their legislators are not moving fast enough, they’ll let them know at the ballot box. It is not up to Romney to blackmail legislators into doing his will, especially as he is about to leave next week. Does he really think they’ll do anything for him now?

  3. It seems like he’s playing political gamesmanship in order to force the legislature to do the people’swill.

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