Found Six Months Ago, Released A Day Before SOTU Speech

January 22, 2007 at 3:37 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, George W Bush, Iraq, Saddam Trial, War on Terror | Leave a comment

ABCNews has been given a document by the White House detailing a supposed plot by Iraqi insurgents to send Iraqis to the United States as students to wreak havoc. Of course, these documents were discovered SIX MONTHS AGO in a raid on a supposed al-Qaida safehouse in Iraq.

Why are these documents released today? What political event approaches? The State of the Union address. As with previous examples of politically timed releases or events (such as the conviction of Saddam Hussein two days before the November 2006 election, or all of the terror alerts before the 2004 elections—notice that we haven’t seen any new terror alerts?), this one is designed to stoke the fire, the fears of regular Americans into backing Bush just before his big speech.

The plan was uncovered in its early stages, and sources say there is no indication that the suspects made it into the United States. Officials also emphasize that there is no evidence of an imminent attack.

So why release this now?

This president is going down swinging. The sooner he’s gone the better for our country.

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