Ford: Worst Losses In History

January 25, 2007 at 9:11 am | Posted in American politics | 3 Comments

Ford Motor posted the worst annual losses in its history. What brought on this massive loss? It really comes down to their products not matching up to Toyota and Honda. Their car lineup is very weak in comparison to Toyota and Honda, and when gas prices skyrocketed, consumers turned away from trucks and SUVs to smaller vehicles and hybrids. Plus, Ford vehicles continue getting rated poorly in reliability and durability by Consumer Reports, among others. This slow burn was going to come back and hit Ford (and GM) hard. Finally, because of low sales of their vehicles, Ford had to buy out many workers, cutting more from revenue.

What does Ford need to do to revive itself? Well, it must make more reliable vehicles. It must make vehicles with MUCH better gas mileage than Toyota and Honda does. It needs to be on the forefront of the push for alternative fuel consumption. It must be more flexible with its designs, more innovative. It must do these things or suffer more losses.


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  1. There’s a reason that Ford stands for “fix or repair daily” or “found on road dead”. The ’94 Sable I used to drive was, by far, the worst car I’ve ever owned. I’ve been pleased with my Saturn and my wife with hers, though GM’s recent moves to tighten the reigns leave me concerned that, when the time comes, I’ll be looking at Toyota instead.

  2. Both Jaime and I have Saturns right now, and we’re not really that pleased with them. They are both not letting us get ahead, with problem after problem. I miss the ’88 Honda Civic hatchback I had when I lived in Utah. I drove that car to Alaska twice. It died early, in a car crash in Rhode Island, at the early age of 220,000 miles.

    Right now Jaime and I are looking at getting new vehicles, either a Toyota Prius, Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, or a Honda Accord. We’re done with American cars until they vastly improve their reliability.

  3. You know, a few years ago while still in college I did a group project comparing Honda and Ford. Honda came out quite favorably. When we did our class presentation, the prof asked what we thought Ford should do. My project mates stumbled about a bit with the answer, so I jumped in and said, “make a quality vehicle!” They apparently didn’t take my advice.

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