Some Good In the World Today

January 26, 2007 at 4:53 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Syria | 1 Comment

Canada apologized to Mr. Arar for its role in his detention and torture at the hands of Syrians, after the United States send him to Syria instead of Canada for investigation. In Syria, Mr. Arar was tortured. In Canada, he would not have been tortured, but investigated. Canada has now apologized to him and his family, saying they were in the wrong. They are compensating him financially, including paying all his legal bills.

There is some good in the world today, it seems. It is rare, but the Canadians have shown us that it does indeed exist. Would that America follow Canada’s example. Or are we too proud to admit a mistake? Are we too concerned about what flood gate would open if we admitted that we mistakenly held any prisoner? Would not all Gitmo prisoners want out, because they too, for the most part, are imprisoned mistakenly?

There is some good in the world today. Would we see more good coming out of America. The world needs it.

Finally, I am taking a break from talking politics for a little while. I’ve got other things I need to attend to.

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  1. Arar’s story is horrible. See the video of him telling this awful story here:

    What a bunch of barbarians we are.

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