George W. Bush and the Conservatives

January 30, 2007 at 2:31 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, conservatives, George W Bush, Republicans | 4 Comments

Glen Greenwald says it best:

So why, after six years of glorifying George Bush and devoting their full-fledged loyalty to him and the GOP-controlled Congress are conservatives like Lowry and Gingrich suddenly insisting that Bush is an anti-conservative and the GOP-led Congress the opposite of conservative virtue? The answer is as obvious as it is revealing. They are desperately trying to disclaim responsibility for the disasters that they wrought in the name of “conservatism,” by repudiating the political figures whom they named as the standard-bearers of their movement but whom America has now so decisively rejected.

George Bush has not changed in the slightest. He is exactly the same as he was when he was converted into the hero and icon of the “conservative movement.” The only thing that has changed is that Bush is no longer the wildly popular President which conservatives sought to embrace, but instead is a deeply disliked figured, increasingly detested by Americans, fromwhom conservatives now wish to shield themselves. And in this regard, these self-proclaimed great devotees of Conservative Political Principles have revealed themselves to have none.

When he was popular, George Bush was the Embodiment of Conservatism. Now that he is rejected on a historic scale, he is the Betrayer of Conservatism. That is because “Conservatism” — while definable on a theoretical plane — has come to have no practical meaning in this country other than a quest for ever-expanding government power for its own sake. When George Bush enabled those ends, he was The Great Conservative. Now that he impedes them, he is the Judas of the Conservative Movement. It is just that simple and transparent.

I couldn’t have said it better. And at times I wish I studied language better so I could express myself as eloquently and clearly as Mr. Greenwald does.


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  1. Such is politics.

  2. Decisively? Hardly… your majority in both chambers is slim, and delicate. ‘Twouldn’t take too much to sway it back in a few years’ time. So, Junior, the clock is running.

    Don’t screw it up.

    (Note that Woody says this in a joking, yet affectionate tone. We old farts do that on occasion.)

  3. Aside: Um, writing well is a life long process. You can “study the language” until you’re blue in the face, but until you write, write, write and work at improving it…you don’t become a better writer.

  4. Woody,

    Don’t worry, the Democrats won’t screw it up. Republicans better be very concerned about 2008 though. They’ve got 20 some odd seats in the Senate that are up for reelection. Noting that in November 2006, Republicans were 0 for 6, you should be very concerned that Democrats will get a veto-proof majority, which will spell the doom of the Republican party for a generation. All because of Iraq.

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