How To Achieve Peace from a Civil War

February 8, 2007 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Civil War, Peace, War | 6 Comments

You want peace in the Middle East? You want two factions that are at war with each other to come together and work together? What do you think will solve that problem? Well, perhaps you ought to look at what Hamas and Fatah just accomplished in Palestine. A political agreement. THIS is how to achieve peace. Military action will not bring you peace. It never does. It only brings destruction. Some might say, “well yes, if we destroy the enemy, there will be peace because the enemy won’t exist anymore.” Well, that is true, except there’s one small problem. Name me one example in history where anyone was successful in completely wiping out “the enemy.” You might have one or two examples. Now, name me examples where some have tried this, but ended up with both sides nearly dying out, or even completely dying out. You’ll find a few more examples of this. Now, name me examples where, in the end, both sides had to at some point reach some sore of agreement to live in peace. What do you know? About 95% of all the wars in history end this way. Huh, there’s something to a political resolution that ends wars. There’s something for attempting to find peace that is far more successful than attempts to further inflict physical damage upon an enemy.


Iraqis are telling Americans to avoid conflict:

Iraqi and U.S. forces should not launch a military offensive against the militias — most of them Shiite — that are a major source of turmoil in Iraq, but should instead rely on nonviolent steps to bring militiamen into the political fold, according to an Iraqi report that draws largely on the views of prominent Shiite politicians.

“In the short-term at least, there can be no military offensive against the militias. Military confrontation, in the current climate, will only strengthen their appeal and swell their ranks,” the Baghdad Institute for Public Policy Research concludes.

So many deaths could have been avoided if America would have begun this two or three years ago…..


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  1. Yup.

  2. Neville Chamberlain, Peace in our Time.

  3. Cameron,

    INF Treaty

    Did I say it always worked? Why is it that Bush supporters consistently use Chamberlain but yet avoid all the numerous examples where it did work? Is it because Bush supporters don’t want peace to work, or don’t trust that it works? If you don’t trust that it works, how could you ever give it a try?

    As Bush supporters say, “there’s a chance, if we but try.”

  4. Did I say it always worked?

    Well, yes actually:

    A political agreement. THIS is how to achieve peace. Military action will not bring you peace. It never does.

  5. Dan, I think you’ll want to delete gallery’s comments on the “How to Achieve Peace from a Civil War” thread.

  6. Mark,

    Don’t worry, I get it as soon as I get on. 🙂

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