Israel to Strike Iran

February 24, 2007 at 12:56 pm | Posted in American politics, Iran, Israel, Middle East, War | 5 Comments

Israel is getting permission from America to fly over Iraq in order to strike at Iran. Be ready everybody. It is coming. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. It doesn’t have to happen, but it will.

Here is how it will happen.

Olmert has the political capital to strike Iran. Bush does not. Bush has attempted (and will continue attempting) to bait Iran into striking at Americans, but Iran is not biting. Olmert, on the other hand, has the political capital to strike at Iran, because Israel is within range of Iran’s missiles. So Olmert strikes Iran. Bombs many sites, kills hundreds if not thousands of Iranians. Iran, naturally, declares war on Israel. They may explicitly say their war is solely with Israel or they may include the United States in their declaration. It matters not, because for Iran to reach Israel, they must fly over Iraqi airspace, and there is no way in hell America will give Iran permission to lob anything into Israel over Iraqi space. Thus, America will use that as one of the excuses to bring themselves into the conflict as well. The other excuse is that Israel is our friend and Iran is a much stronger enemy than Israel has faced to this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a secret pact, akin to Germany and Japan that if one nation is attacked the other can declare war if they chose to.

So what will happen? Iran will be preoccupied with American forces in Iraq while Israel has all the excuse to try again and defeat Hezbollah, and maybe even go into Syria (hence why America is telling Israel to not even dare consider Asad’s offer to talk).

So, Americans, have you seen enough fighting yet? Have you seen enough blood spilled yet? Have you seen enough destruction? Because you’re about to get an extra helping or two. Heck some American cities might be attacked too…you never know when war is expanded to multiple countries what the consequences are….


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  1. If it does happen, this is certainly how it will happen. It will be unbelieveably ugly, though, and quite possibly nuclear. Israel has the bomb and you bet your ass they are willing to use it if they feel like they’re desperate and backed into a corner. And they do.

  2. Interesting. Speaking from the position of the enemy (i.e. Conservative Republican), I might even go so far as to embrace the idea of a conspiracy theory. What are the odds that this was considered as one of the possible (or even primary) benefits of invading Iraq? A way to open up the airspace in the middle east for just such an event. Hmmm, it does seem rather convenient doesn’t it?

  3. Meh, had the US never occupied Iraq, Israel wouldn’t have let Iraq’s objections stop an airstrike against Iran.

  4. cew-smoke,

    What are the odds that this was considered as one of the possible (or even primary) benefits of invading Iraq?

    As Kullervo states, Israel would not have been too concerned about Iraq’s airspace if they ever needed to launch strikes against Iran.

    In addition, we’re starting to see the longer-term goals of neo-conservatism in the Middle East. The two nations of the Middle East that have been antagonistic towards the United States while also being autocratic are the only two nations we are attacking or demanding regime change. There are numerous other Middle East nations that are autocratic, but because they are pro-western, we don’t particularly care about their anti-democratic systems, as long as the oil is in pro-western hands. We’ve gone into Iraq to install a pro-western government. Neo-conservatives had attempted to create a democratic system, but alas, their theory was inherently flawed, and we see clearly in Iraq that a democratic system cannot as yet function in a state like Iraq. That’s okay in their eyes, as long as the Iraqi government is pro-western. As long as oil production and funds go towards the oil corporations. Now only one nation is left standing as an antagonist who controls oil, and that is Iran.

    And Iran is an interesting study in terms of who is our enemy. Take Pakistan for example. Pakistan just had a visit from our crazed vice president. He warned Musharraf that if he doesn’t crack down on Al-Qaida, “that the newly Democratic Congress could cut aid to his country”. Heh, read that carefully. Cheney is not threatening that the Bush administration will cut off aid to his country if Musharraf doesn’t crack down on Al-Qaida. Cheney is saying that Democrats will threaten to cut off aid to his country if he doesn’t crack down on Al-Qaida! So in Pakistan, you’ve got CLEAR evidence that Al-Qaida is regrouping, that they are holding training camps, and that they are filtering into Afghanistan and attacking US troops, killing Americans, while Pakistan does little.

    Meanwhile, in Iraq, the military yet again attempts to link Iran to IEDs found in Shi’ite safehouses (nevermind though that nearly all IEDs used on Americans are used by Sunni insurgents and not Shi’ite death squads…that little tidbit might undermine the rationale that Iran is EVIL and we’ve gotta get them), even though the evidence is yet again flimsy and circumstantial.

    But why do we not bother with Pakistan? A couple of reasons come to mind, but one of those reasons which raises the temperature in conservatives, who hate that it is continually brought up, is oil. There is no oil in Pakistan. You cannot remake the Middle East where no oil is to be found. That’s why we don’t bother with Pakistan, but we try our damnest to find ways to attack Iran.

  5. knight,

    Do not insult me on my blog. I will delete your comments if you do so.

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