An Iranian Defection

March 8, 2007 at 1:07 pm | Posted in America, American politics, Cheney, Iran, Israel, War | 3 Comments

Well, well, well, look at that, a former Iranian deputy minister, who commanded the Revolutionary Guard has defected to the United States.

A former Iranian deputy defense minister who once commanded the Revolutionary Guard has left his country and is cooperating with Western intelligence agencies, providing information on Hezbollah and Iran’s ties to the organization, according to a senior U.S. official.

Ali Rez Asgari disappeared last month during a visit to Turkey. Iranian officials suggested yesterday that he may have been kidnapped by Israel or the United States. The U.S. official said Asgari is willingly cooperating. He did not divulge Asgari’s whereabouts or specify who is questioning him, but made clear that the information Asgari is offering is fully available to U.S. intelligence.

The key important point about Ali Rez Asgari is that he did not work for Ahmadinejad. He worked for Khatami, the previous Iranian president, a moderate, and as such, Mr. Asgari probably left Iran because he did not like what Ahmadinejad was doing to his country. Now, Khatami, the moderate, was the one who attempted to make peace with the United States back in 2003, an offer rudely and stupidly rebuffed by the idiot Cheney.

We can only hope that this new twist leads to a peaceful resolution between the United States, Israel, and Iran. There’s no need for war.


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  1. That peace offer that you mention from 2003 was from the Ayatollah I think. It should be noted that Ahmadinejad technically has no influence over foreign policy in Iran… that’s the Ayatollah’s job. It is that same Ayatollah that is in charge today.

    Also, as a side note, remember that Khatami was rudely treated by Mitt Romney when he came to speak at Harvard… showing what sort of a diplomat he would be if elected, even with the moderates in Iran.

  2. Yeah, and that is just one more black mark on Romney for me. I found the manner in which he treated Khatami was certainly not Christ-like, nor American. What message did Romney send to Iranians? That their moderate leaders are not welcome in America? So just what Iranian is welcome in America?

  3. English press saying he likely defected, Arab and Iranian press that he was kidnapped. Quite frankly, both equally plausible at this point if for no other reason than US press on these issues is little more than a mouthpiece for US and Israeli governments. In either case, anything the Israelis, Americans or any other government “extracts” from him will be used to hunt for a reason to whack Hizbullah and/or Iran. This will be used to fan flames, not douse them. Bush Admin has not backed off one iota from it’s “more gasoline” approach to the flames it has stoked in the Middle East: deliberately provoking attempts at civil wars in Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia; and declaring that the sectarian govt in Iraq which it enshrined is the solution when it is really a big part of the problem. Bushies may be forced to recognize hands are somewhat tied on Iran, but they have one goal only – not to allow Iran to have anything that could ever even conceivably turn into a nuke so that no one can challenge US Gulf dominance and Israeli regional dominance. Even with coercive diplomacy going full boar, Bushies aren’t going to get what they want out of Iran (rolling over and caving to American-Israeli demands) in the end and they’ll find a way to get their war on. At the end of the day, 99% of Congress hates Iran and Arabs just as much as the Bushies do. So long as Congress can be satisfied that Bush really tried diplomacy, Bush can get approval for a widespread bombing campaign at the end of the day. And if he can’t, he’ll do it anyways once he’s tried coercive diplomacy, it fails, and he paints himself into a rhetorical corner (as opposed to Iraq where he was deceiving others, this time he’s going to deceive himself into a war). After all, in Cheney’s view, they’re the only “real men” left in Washington, it’s only defeatist-Democrats or sissy-realist-Republicans coming after them, so it’s his job to save mankind from evil before they leave office in Jan 2009.

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