end the permanent long-term dead end babysitting service

March 23, 2007 at 3:35 pm | Posted in American politics, Congress, Democrats, Iraq | 2 Comments

Rep. David Obey criticized the Washington Post editorial board. He said:

Let me submit to you the problem we have today is not that we didn’t listen enough to people like The Washington Post. It’s that we listened too much. They endorsed going to war in the first place. They helped drive the drumbeat that drove almost two-thirds of the people in this chamber to vote for that misbegotten, stupid, ill-advised war that has destroyed our influence over a third of the world. So I make no apology if the moral sensibilities of some people on this floor, or the editorial writers of The Washington Post, are offended because they don’t like the specific language contained in our benchmarks or in our timelines.

What matters in the end is not what the specific language is. What matters is whether or not we produce a product today that puts pressure on this Administration and sends a message to Iraq, to the Iraqi politicians that we’re going to end the permanent long-term dead end babysitting service. That’s what we’re trying to do. And if The Washington Post is offended about the way we do it, that’s just too bad.

So well said. Beautiful. The American people are behind you, Mr. Obey. Don’t listen to Republican scare-mongers. End the babysitting NOW!


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  1. Okay so now I’m lost….If congress wants to end the “babysitting” of the Iraqi people why do we still have welfare, unemployment insurance, federal disaster aid, milk subsidies, corn subsidies, congressional earmarks, etc, etc,? Obviously that’s what we do. Just a thought……

  2. Our babysitting resources are being stretched pretty thin these days.

    Osama once claimed that his goal is to bankrupt the USA.

    His plan is working perfectly.

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