The Fall of the Conservative Empire

March 23, 2007 at 8:15 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Republicans | 3 Comments

PEW has a survey out which shows some very interesting numbers. Most notably that only 35% of Americans consider themselves conservative, while 50% side with liberals and Democrats. Wow. So instead of creating a permanent Republican majority, because of the very vile techniques that Karl Rove used, Republicans are looking to become a permanent minority. Look at the chart (borrowed kindly from The Washington Monthly):

Hint to Republicans: Divisive politics is not a stable long-term strategy to employ. Better stop using it.


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  1. The Democratic Party like the Republican Party are not bad parties. They both have constructive idea to contribute in the political process. However, both parties suffer when they are overshadowed by their vocal, radical, and extremist members. Both sides are correct that there exists both a left-wing and right-wing conspiracy. The far-left “secular progressives” have a dangerous and destructive social agenda for the country which includes the disitigration of traditional family values. Similarly, the far-right “neo-concervatives” also have a distructive vision for america by their social darwinistic, imperialist economics, eat-or-be-eaten capitalistic policies. While we fight religious extremism or fascism overseas, we are, at the same time, fighting political extremism right here at home.

    Coincidently, most of my concervative friends consider themselves “independent” and like to think of themselves as “open minded” and that they would consider voting for a moderate Democratic candidate. However, the secular social agenda of the democrat party continues to be huge barrier. However, this study suggests that the imperialistic economic policies of the Republican party seems to be hurting them and suggests a national trend toward the left.

  2. Broz, I mostly agree with you, except that I don;t know that the “conspiracy” on both sides of the spectrum always amounts to a unified, meetings-in-darkened-boardrooms kind of thing that the term connotates.

    In general, I think the political parties play a pendulum game. Americans are a pretty conservative bunch generally (in global terms, not in US politics terms), but they’re not reactionary. Whenever things go too far one direction, popular opinion swings the other way.

  3. Americans… [are] not reactionary. Whenever things go too far one direction, popular opinion swings the other way.

    Sounds pretty reactionary to me. đŸ™‚

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