A Slow Monday

March 26, 2007 at 11:24 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Congress, Great Britain, Iran, Military, World Events | 8 Comments

Boy, I just don’t have much to talk about today. I wanted to share the following image taken from this article in Newsweek. I think it highlights exactly where the problem of corruption lies; not with Gonzales, but as you can see from the image, the man who walks next to him, in lock step, side by side, Fredo to his Michael. Just like in the Godfather Part II, the real corruption was with Michael all along, not just Fredo.

Looks like we’ll still be seeing Fredo, I mean Gonzales around until at least April, when he is to testify in front of Congress. He’s got about two weeks to tweak his lie well enough in front of Congress. We’ll see what happens.

Otherwise, in the news, Iran still holds those 15 British sailors. Britain demands their release, and the US is thankfully staying silent. Not much else. A slow Monday.


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  1. i can’t tell whos who

  2. Maybe when one is killed in a fishing boat—then I’ll wonder about your comparison.

  3. Sherpa,

    I didn’t nickname Gonzales Fredo, George W. Bush did. see for yourself.

  4. Dan, that doesn’t really matter. Both comparisons make me wonder if either of you have seen the movie. 😉

  5. Like I said before…when one is axed off in a fishing boat..than I’ll wonder about your comparison.

  6. Of course I saw the movie, and I know the comparison doesn’t work, because of course Fredo betrayed Michael. I’ve read several blogs, however, that delve into this relationship and nickname, that’s why I wrote it also.

    As far as the axing, I doubt it would be off a fishing boat, but after Gonzales’ testimony to Congress next month, don’t be surprised for just such an event to occur.

  7. Dan, Dan, Dan…I’m just teasing you a bit.

    If he dies in the next year, it’ll be by “heart attack.”

    Yeah, I’m a little surprised to see Gonzales still around, but I think he’ll be gone by the first of June. Although on my blog I said this week. Circumstances change.

  8. You must have missed the russian report on a rumor of a US attack against Iran to take place on April 6 then.

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