Violence in Iraq

March 30, 2007 at 9:37 am | Posted in American politics, Iraq, War | 4 Comments

Well, it doesn’t seem to be going well in Iraq. Suicide bombs kill 130 Shi’ites, because see, Sunnis never promised to “lay low” while the Americans did their surge, unlike the Shi’ites, so they keep bombing Shi’ites, while Shi’ites “lay low.” So hundreds of Shi’ites are killed daily and weekly while they sit back and let all this build up inside them. Oh they can’t wait for the day when they can avenge these crimes! You can just feel it.

I don’t know about y’all, but it sure looks like 1.) General Petraeus just doesn’t have enough troops to keep the peace, 2.) efforts at bringing Sunnis into the fold are failing even though they are apparently splitting up their relationship with Al-Qaida.

What do you think? Is the “surge” working?


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  1. The “surge” never was going to work. It was a completely retarded idea form the beginning. We can’t shot them into liking us. And fighting an unconventional insurgency by just pouring more conventional troops in is not a very good idea.

  2. No, the “surge” idea is a blind alley for a couple reasons. For one, “surging” 30,000 more troops into the country STILL will be WAY too few to have a ghost of a chance at pacifying it. A good rule of thumb is that it takes roughly 10,000 troops per every million population for a country that restive to have a reasonable chance at being pacified. So for Iraq, with about 28 million people, that comes out to a necessary occupying force of about 280,000 troops, bare minimum. The U.S. has, even with a “surge” of 30,000 troops, roughly 165,000 troops in country. This is a pitifully small force for the task it is being expected to do, and all it will accomplish is buying a little more time before the inevitable humiliating withdrawl.

    Secondly, it pins the success of the whole operation on the puppet prime minister Nouri al-Maliki (sp.?) actually doing what is necessary to gut the Mahdi Army. This is disingenious; the Mahdi Army and its politicians are Maliki’s main backers in parliament; to go after them wholeheartedly is to bite the hand that feeds him. He can only press them so hard before they have enough of that stooge and kick him out of power and the next day he turns up floating in the Tigris. He might do little pinprick operations to try to appease his OTHER set of puppetmasters, the U.S., (see how complex a situation this is?) but nothing really meaningful, because it would quite literally be cutting his own throat, politically as well as probably physically. However, by not undertaking substantive ops against the Shiites while bashing the Sunnis with no restrictions will show for anyone still remaining on the fence regarding the Maliki administration that his government is government FOR Shiites and BY Shiites, with Sunnis and Kurds of little importance to him. Which would undermine any remaining “credibility” Maliki still has. So he’s kinda caught in a vise. Further exacerbating the problems is the fact that the “Iraqi” Army, police and interior ministry are all thoroughly riddled with Mahdi Army personnel whose loyalty to Iraq is nominal at best, and who will gladly turn their weapons on “non-Mahdi” Shia (and the few Sunni) in the Iraqi Army if pressured to crack down on Mahdis, or at best would simply melt away and desert. There is a good reason why generals from McCaffery to Zinni to Petraeus are all saying that this war in Iraq is militarily unwinnable, that the best the U.S. can hope for is to buy enough time for the “Iraqi” “government” to stabilize itself and for the country to reach some sort of reconciliation or rapproachment. Which itself is a pipe dream since Iraq has always been an artificial construct of British colonialism, cobbled together in British interests, with the majority stepped on by the minority whom the Brits favored and made into the governing class. It was a Yugoslavia waiting to happen, and the U.S. removed the one thing that was keeping it together, the Ba’ath Party. What a mess.

  3. Kullervo and Thinker,

    Thank you for your comments. It is regrettable that the violence continues so strongly. I do hope even more Americans see the failure of this venture and continue pressing their Congressional representatives to pull our troops out.

  4. […] last point is probably the most important. The violence right now as I’ve written before on the subject is done mostly by Sunnis who have NOT chosen to “lay low” while the Americans do their […]

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