Could The British Have Made A Mistake?

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Note the following, at the very end of this report in the Guardian:

But the Ministry of Defence hinted for the first time it may have made mistakes surrounding the incident. An inquiry has been commissioned to explore ‘navigational’ issues around the kidnapping and aspects of maritime law.

Navigational issues? You gotta wonder why the British only offer this bit as “proof” that their soldiers were in Iraqi waters. I mean, look at this image:

Does that instill confidence in you that the British are telling the truth? What’s more, as Firedoglake expounds:

First, we have the report on CNN that the photo was not taken during the event at all but was shot afterwards – they don’t say how long afterwards but they assure us … and of course, we believe then … that the ship being searched “had not moved since the incident.” So there you have it … photo showing hand holding GPS shows ship in Iraqi waters. And we know it’s in Iraqi waters because we’ve been shown a map:

Not quite says Barry Lando:

The BBC for instance has already interviewed a supposed expert regarding the map, who vouched for its authenticity. … Turns out the expert had been referred to the BBC by the British Ministry of Defense–who also turned out the plan. Sounds like the rerun of a bad movie we’ve already seen.

Huh, so the Iranians may actually be right. We won’t know exactly until cooler heads prevail and sensible people can sit down and look at all the facts. But alas, you get our idiot president jumping into the fray demanding their release and calling them “hostages.” Yeah, nice reference to the 1979 incident. Way to cool people off Mr. Idiot President. What a fool we have as our leader.


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  1. You are clearly unaware of the official Republican version of the history of Iran. There has only been one significant event in the past few centuries in Iranian history: The seizing of the American hostages in 1979. The Iranians still haven’t been properly punished for this crime. Mr Bush’s comments are entirely accurate with this in mind. I hope this clears things up. :0) —Doug

  2. I’m not sure which side is correct regarding the precise location of the British vessel in question; however, it’s somewhat irrelevant for the following reason that I’ve never heard anyone mention: Considering that Britain (and of course the U.S.) in March 2003 launched a war of aggression against a country that was doing nothing whatsoever to provoke them, invading Iraq and occupying it, which is the most vile violation of international law imaginable, the very thing the U.N. was supposed to have been formed in the first place to prevent, Britain has (or SHOULD have, morally speaking) no legal standing whatsoever to be within Iraq’s territorial waters at all. So whether or not the Iranians seized them in illegally-occupied Iraqi territorial waters or in Iranian waters, the British have no more right to be in either location than the Iranians do being in Iraqi territorial waters. Wars of aggression, being grossly illegal, make anything stemming from them illegal as well, whether that’s the show trial and lynching of Saddam Hussein, the continued occupation of Iraq’s oil-producing areas, or British/U.S. patrolling of Iraq’s territorial waters.

    As a sidebar, something else I haven’t heard anyone mention is: Isn’t it hilarious how people in this country are so quick to realize (and say it) that the Iranians coerced the British sailors to apologize and call for a withdrawl from Iraq, yet the very same people will tell you with a straight face they don’t think Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s (sp.?) “confession” was coerced or brought about by years of torture in secret C.I.A. prisons?? Hello!!! We are living in an age of willfull self-deception. Pretty sad.

  3. Totally right! Our president IS a fool! As soon as those Brits were legally captured by the Iranians, Bush should have been the first to side with Iran or at least not side with our “ally” Great Britain. It’s America’s fault if Iran kills those Brits. I mean if an Iranian gun boat were to drift into American waters, there’s NO WAY we’d let them go. We’d sent them to Gitmo and torture them. Iran is RIGHT for parading those Brits on TV like that. They should prosecute them and I think those Brits definately knew they were in Iranian waters. There’s no doubt they were under orders by Blair and Bush to “drift” into Iranian waters so that we could invade Iran with a reason.

    The UK and America suck! They are the most guilty nations ever to grace God’s good earth.

  4. Bush does not seem to realize that even the British have been forced to back off, their Uzbekistan ambassador Craig Murray having gone public with a statement published by the NYT.

    [ ] and [ ]

    But Craig Murray, a former British diplomat and Foreign Office specialist on maritime affairs, said, “There is no agreed maritime boundary between Iraq and Iran in the Persian Gulf. Until the current mad propaganda exercise of the last week, nobody would have found that in the least a controversial statement.”

    In postings on his Web site,, Mr. Murray referred to charts shown by the Royal Navy to reinforce its argument, saying: “The Iran-Iraq maritime boundary shown on the British government map does not exist. It has been drawn up by the British government.”

  5. BTW, this issue was a major factor in the 1980 Iran-Iraq war, and really traces back to the British effort to carve up the ME and establish boundaries to facilitate the control of oil. Look at a ME map and see how Oman is divided into two parts, how Kuwait was split odd, and Iran and Iraq, for that matter. Another little know fact is the fact that
    Norman Swarzkopf, Sr. ( the father of Norman Schwarskopf, Jr.- Desert Storm) was sent by the CIA to help overthrow the Mossadegh in Operation Ajax.

    Mossadegh was democratically elected, on the basis of wanting a more transparent role in the British Oil firm, AIOPC, after learning that the British paid four times as much income tax to the UK than they were paying Iran in Royalties. His first step was to ask that the books be opened, and there be an independent accounting of the royalty payments. The company refused, setting off the string of events in causing the CIA to overthrow Mossadegh, and installing their puppent dictator, the son of the previous Shah. The CIA files on Operation Ajax have been released under the FIOA, and published in full by the NYT. There were many previous accounts of this event, including Kermit Roosevelt’s personal recollection.

    One should also know that this coup was planned in the US embassy, the reason for taking US Embassy employees hostage in 1979, to prevent a repeat of 1953.

  6. Brams,

    The UK and America suck! They are the most guilty nations ever to grace God’s good earth.

    No, there are worse nations on the earth. But that doesn’t excuse what the United States and Great Britain are doing and have done recently.

  7. Erich,

    Thank you for those links and information. Truly we’ve tried to be the puppet masters of the Middle East for far too long and it has come back to haunt us, and will continue to haunt us.

    I really don’t think Americans understand how detrimental Operation Ajax was to our own security. Sure it looked like a “good” decision back then to Eisenhower, but man oh man he did not think it through well.

  8. Bush, Blair, and their followers suck, the rest of us are just trying to get by or even actively challenge the self defeating policies of these two fools who are still living in a 19th century gunboat diplomacy fantasy world. Interesting point as to why the US embassy was seized, makes sense, which is why it never gets mentioned in the American press. “Those people are madmen” sells a lot of papers and employs a lot of talking heads…the free market does have it’s downside as a sensationalistic biased media trumps an objective neutral information based media any day. —Doug

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