This is No Nuremberg Trial, That’s For Sure

April 2, 2007 at 8:33 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Cheney, Gitmo | Leave a comment

David Luban writes in Balkinization about the David Hicks ordeal down in Gitmo. It is worth the read to show just how pathetic the whole scenario is. For example:

David Hicks is going home to Australia to serve a “short” sentence arranged in a plea bargain – seven years, with all but nine months suspended. (The word “short” is in scare-quotes for one reason only: Hicks has already served five years in Guantanamo, and the U.S. government insisted in the deal that Hicks’s sentence must not count this as time served. One can only speculate about the reasons for this insistence. Presumably, it’s because the U.S. maintains that Guantanamo detention is not punishment for a crime, but rather immobilization of enemy combatants. Counting it as time served might muddy that theory. Far better to keep Gitmo-time locked up in the alternate universe it’s always been in.)

The plea bargain, we now learn, was based on a political deal between Australian prime minister John Howard, who is hurting politically because of Hicks’s prolonged detention, and Dick Cheney. Part of the deal requires that Hicks not speak with reporters for a year, three months after the next Australian election.

Yes, David Hicks spent FIVE YEARS held in Guantanamo. He is being “sentenced” to NINE MONTHS in an Australian jail as a “plea deal.” In this deal he cannot claim time served, and he is ordered to stay quiet for TWELVE MONTHS. Why? Because of John Howard and his upcoming re-election, that’s why. See, the Hicks debacle is hurting John Howard’s re-election campaign. He’s gotta give Australians something in order to have a better chance of winning. If John Howard can throw Australians a bone, perhaps they will be distracted enough to let him stay in power. Furthermore, Hicks cannot speak about his detention until AFTER Howard is re-elected.

This is American justice today. Anyone still trust the trials happening down in Gitmo? Certainly they are not the Nuremberg Trials, that’s for sure.

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