Cho Seung-Hui, Murderer at Virginia Tech

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The police just released the identity of the murderer at Virginia Tech, Cho Seung Hui, a resident alien from South Korea, a senior, majoring in English, at Virginia Tech. One of the guns used at the earlier shooting was also used at the later shooting, however, the police are not ruling out the possibility that Cho was not the shooter in the first scene.

There is much more that needs to come out. Normally an English major doesn’t just go on a shooting spree. What made him crack?

(courtesy of ABCNews)


Apparently he was a “loner”.

Cho Seung-hui, 23, the Virginia Tech student who police believe is responsible for killing 33 people yesterday, was “a loner, and we’re having difficulty finding information about him,” said university spokesman Larry Hincker.

Police identified Cho, a native of South Korea and resident alien who lived in Centreville, Va., as the shooter by linking the fingerprints at the scene to his immigration documents.

Police say the senior English major, who lived in Harper Hall dormitory on the university campus, was likely responsible for both shootings at the university, the first of which took place at around 7:15 a.m. Monday morning when two people were killed at West Ambler Johnston Hall dormitory. Later that morning, the remaining victims were killed in Norris Hall, the engineering studies building.

ABC News has learned that Cho left behind a note after the killings at West Ambler Johnston Hall. He then returned to his own room, rearmed and entered Norris Hall, roughly a half a mile away, to continue his shooting rampage.

Cho came to the United States with his family in 1992 at age 8 and first settled in Detroit, according to State Department officials. He last renewed his green card in 2003.

The issue of “loner” raises a question about this South Korean young man. Back in South Korea, they love playing online games. In fact, they love it so much that one kid died after playing for 50 hours straight!

I’m not making anything but a pure speculation at this point about his motive. He had apparently a very calm demeanor as he went about his murder spree, according to the witnesses. And it seems he targeted a specific class, seeing that he peeked in to the class before returning to kill.


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  1. Koreans have bad tempers… he was an immigrant too so probably his family had the same backward cultural and family values that don’t help with having “good” social skills, at least relative to the Western world

  2. Uhm, you don’t even read your own writing before clicking that ‘post’ button do you? HE CAME TO THE STATES WHEN HE WAS 8 YEARS OLD. Doubt at that point that he would have had much chance to soak up the “they love playing online games” culture.

    Secondly, what on earth does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Even if he did enjoy playing MMORPG’s for 50 hours straight, would that make him a killer? If that were true, we would have many MANY mass murderers on our hands (there’s probably one living next door to you RIGHT NOW! QUICK! CALL THE COPS!). Yes you’re making ‘pure speculation’ but it’s the not-well-thought-out, idiotic variety.

    Also, chances are he peeped into more than one classroom, not because he was targeting a specific class but because he was trying to find the class with the most people in it (yes, that’s right, he’s a *mass* murderer, how else would you become a *mass* murderer without *masses* of people). Which is also probably why he moved from shooting in the dorm to shooting up a class (it’s a college campus, there would be very few people around in a dorm at 7am in the morning).

    Try applying some brainpower before you post next time.

  3. Yeah, Koreans definitely have bad tempers. That’s why these Koreans went on shooting sprees: Andrew Kehoe, Charles Whitman, Patrick Sherrill, Richard Farley, George Hennard, Colin Ferguson, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Jeff Weise, Aaron Huff and Charles Carl Roberts. Don’t let their names and faces fool you. These people were Koreans.

  4. Ant,

    I actually did read the article before I clicked the “post” button. I realize you might be pretty upset, but I would suggest you tone your comments down, please. Speculation is just that, speculation. If video-gaming has nothing to do with it, then I’m cool with that, and will make the appropriate comment.

  5. ant – “family and cultural values” come from the parental figures, not the individual

    yankee – i actually am stereotyping, but since you are the most clever and wittiest person in the entire world you already knew that

    daniel, are you of the belief that violent video games reinforce violent behavior?

  6. asecondchance,

    I think they do to a point. It certainly isn’t the cause, the motive one has for violence, but it does help in how a person goes about executing that violence. I believe it helps turn the perpetrator’s victims into inanimate objects, thereby making it easier for the killer to justify in his mind his actions, and also turn off the failsafe guilty conscience that normally keeps us from doing such horrific things.

  7. The Virginia Tech tragedy brings to mind a similar school shooting in 1979 California. 16 year old Brenda Spencer wounded nine and killed two in a shooting spree at an elementary school. She said, “I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun,” “It was just like shooting ducks in a pond,” and “(The children) looked like a herd of cows standing around, it was really easy pickings.”

    I Don’t Like Mondays Either, But …

  8. I APOLOGIZE on behalf of Koreans.
    But I think it’s too cruel to say that Koreans have bad temper.
    I know that because I am from S.Korea.
    But America has the most crime rate ever!!!
    Maybe he killed the people because of the prejudice.
    And i think there is a big fault of the Americans.
    I hate the discrimination (The white are the BEST in the whole world does not make sense)

    I think It was mean to behave like that.

    so I wanna take revenge.


  9. And you know what,
    the other people told him to eat trash so he was humiliated.
    I would be so so so pissed off…
    How would you react if your classmates make you eat trash???
    I would call the police…

    And also, in fact the Japanese killed a lot of Koreans in the 20th century. They killed thousands of us… AND YOU ARE EVEN THINKING THAT THE KOREANS ARE BAD TEMPERED!! THAT IS MEAN

    And remember, you Americans!!!

    WHY don’t you think back and apologize???

    do you guys have brain???
    Or your minds???

  10. your mom

  11. What do you mean by “your mom”????

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