Give ’em Hell Harry!

April 18, 2007 at 7:52 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Democrats, George W Bush, Iraq, Military, War | 2 Comments

Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with the President today, and from this report, it seems the petulant boy emperor was none too happy to hear such stark truth in his face!

Okay, here’s some color from inside the meeting today at the White House between President Bush and Congressional leaders about what to do to resolve the impasse over Iraq.

A source familiar with the meeting — at which no compromise of any kind was reached, though Speaker Nancy Pelosi said publicly today that it had been “productive” — shares a few interesting tidbits. First, the source says, Bush bristled and was taken aback when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid compared the current situation to Vietnam; he also appeared irked by those who said the war couldn’t be won.

Second, according to the source, Reid told Bush that he understood that the White House would come after Congressional Dems after the veto of the bill with everything they had; Reid vowed to respond every bit as aggressively.

“Reid talked about a recent conversation he had with a retired general where they talked about the similarities between the current situation and Vietnam,” the source relates. “He talked about how the President and Secretary of Defense [during Vietnam] knew that the war was lost but continued to press on at the cost of thousands of additional lives lost.”

“The analogy to Vietnam appeared to touch a nerve with the President. He appeared a little sensitive to it,” the source continued. “And he clearly didn’t like to hear people in the room say that the war couldn’t be won militarily.”

More: “Reid made it clear to the President that he understood that the President and Vice President after the veto would come after him and Speaker Pelosi with everything they have. Reid said that he and Pelosi would respond just as aggressively. He said he was convinced that they were on the right side of the issue.”

A little sensitive, he is. How dare someone tell him exactly how it is in front of his face!

Give ’em Hell Harry!


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  1. As a former constituent, I don’t much care for Harry Reid at all. He never took a firm stance against Yucca Mountain, his family’s dirty politics within town are legendary (look up stuff on his son Rory and how much developer money influences the both of them), and he’s awash in so much campaign money that he’s become just another bought off incumbent. (His war chest in 2004 was well over $8M while his main opponent could barely pull together $2M despite wide name recognition.) Much like Orrin Hatch (another Senator I can’t stand), he coasts to re-election on dire warnings of giving up seniority and influence while whipping out his MormonCard and cashing in those votes. (Pardon the cynicism, but too many LDS in politics try and cash in that chip at the polls in western states.)

    His son is also on the Las Vegas Valley Water District’s board, the same agency that is proposing to steal water from under Utah’s border to quench Las Vegas’ thirst. I’ve noticed how Harry hasn’t said much on the issue at all. Hmmm.

    Then there’s the Tessa Hafen incident. Daughter of a 6-time incumbent city councilman (who I ran against once) in Henderson (a suburb of Las Vegas), she was a Reid staffer for a long time, living in DC. Then she buys a house in the state just in time to establish residency before running for the US House. It may have been legal, but she ended up looking like a carpetbagger the entire time and it cost her at the polls.

    It’s easy to dismiss a lot of this as “guilty by association”, but in politics, you are who you hang out with. Just ask our current president. Not a lot of people outside of Nevada know about Reid’s seedy side either, so it steams my clams to see unrealistic glowing reviews of a guy so hopelessly out-of-touch with and unrepresentative of his state.

  2. As a Pennsylvanian, I don’t know much at all of Nevada’s local politics. As far as national politics are concerned, Senator Reid is doing a spectacular job. Hence, “give ’em hell, Harry!”

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