Deadly Violence in Iraq – The Surge is Failing

April 19, 2007 at 6:20 am | Posted in American politics, Iraq, violence, War | 7 Comments

Bombs ravaged Baghdad in five horrific explosions aimed mainly at Shiite crowds on Wednesday, killing at least 171 people in the deadliest day in the capital since the American-led security plan for the city took effect two months ago.

Looks like the Sunni insurgents are striking hard at Shi’ites. I wonder what the Shi’ites will do in response. They obviously cannot trust the Americans to protect them. Will they turn again to the death squads?


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  1. It’s a direct ploy to get the shi-ite militia to come out in retaliation. Since their leader has told them to stay put (on request by the security force), the attacks have increased. I guess now is the time for the security force to show they mean business.

  2. General Petraeus really needs to step it up, because the Shi’ites don’t have that much patience for such death and murder of their own…

  3. Actually, considering how much repression the Shiites have historically suffered under the Sunnis/Saddam, I amazed they’re showing the restraint and patience that they are.

    Has anyone questioned whether this is actually a Sunni act or not? Especially since it is al Qaeda’s stated strategy to create instability through the incitement of sectarian violence. That was certainly he case with the 2006 bombing of the golden mosque in Samarra…

  4. Bob,

    Al-Qaida is a Sunni organization, so whether it was the Sunni insurgents or Sunni terrorists, in either case, Sunnis murdered Shi’ites.

    And you’re right about the Shi’ites and their restraint. I wonder how long it will hold them back.

  5. Somehow, I don’t see the reason behind all this war in Iraq. Thousands of lives have been lost just because whatever Sunnis/Shiites have their own agendas. If this continues, I fear that sooner or later, Iraq will be nothing but a piece of wasteland.

  6. We are have to win the public
    relations war come out ahead in Iraq.

    How do you convince an Iraqi mother that has lost a child that her child’s death was not the result of her country being invaded by
    the United States?

  7. This is a tough public realations problem.

    We can not win unless we can solve this problem.

    I believe that this problem is unsolvable.

    How do you convince an Iraqi mother that has lost a child that her child’s death was not the result of her country being invaded by
    the United States?

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