Fanning the Flames of Sectarian Violence

April 21, 2007 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Bush Administration, Iraq, Military, violence, War | 2 Comments

The United States military is building a wall to enclose a particular Sunni section of Baghdad. Apparently they somehow think this will make Sunnis stop being mad at both the Americans and the Shi’ites. Really, how stupid are these generals in our military?

A senior Sunni politician has condemned a US military project to build a concrete wall around a Sunni enclave in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US forces say the wall, which will separate Adhamiya from nearby Shia districts, aims to prevent sectarian violence between the two communities.

But Adnan al-Dulaimi, who heads the biggest Sunni bloc in parliament, says it will breed yet more strife.

Some Adhamiya residents have said the wall will make their district a prison.

Some Adhamiya residents said the wall would harden the capital’s already bitter sectarian divide.

“Erecting concrete walls between neighbourhoods is not a solution to the collapse in security and the rampant violence,” housewife Um Haider told the AFP news agency.

“If so, Baghdadis would find themselves in a maze of high walls overnight, ” she said.

“I resent the barrier. It will make Adhamiya a big prison,” another resident, Mustafa, said.

Other residents also expressed alarm and said they had not been consulted before construction began.

“This will make the whole district a prison. This is collective punishment on the residents of Adhamiya,” Ahmed al-Dulaimi told the Associated Press news agency.

“We are in our fourth year of occupation and we are seeing the number of blast walls increasing day after day,” he said.

US and Iraqi troops have long built cement barriers around key locations in Baghdad and other cities to prevent attacks, especially suicide car bombings.

But no-one claims that such barriers and walls are protection in themselves, correspondents say.

Yet more evidence that our military and political leaders have no idea what they are doing in Iraq. No wonder General Sheehan declined the offer to become the “war czar.”


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  1. It’s “Escape From New York” all over again.

  2. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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