Terrorism On The Rise

April 30, 2007 at 2:28 pm | Posted in Afghanistan, American politics, Bush Administration, Iraq, violence, War | 13 Comments

Let me get this straight, Franklin Roosevelt’s America was attacked ruthlessly by the Japanese on December 7,1941. The very next day, Roosevelt declared war on Japan. (Germany soon declared war on the United States and the United States followed suit). Less than four years later, on August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered (Germany surrendered earlier), and we won that conflict.

Now, we’re doing battle against cave dwellers, and we’re in our SIXTH YEAR, and terrorism is on the rise? What the hell?

Terrorist attacks worldwide shot up by 25 percent between 2005 and last year, killing 40 percent more people as extremists used increasingly lethal means to carry out high-casualty hits, the State Department says.

In its annual global survey of terrorism to be released later Monday, the department says about 14,000 attacks took place in 2006, mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming more than 20,000 lives. That is 3,000 more attacks than in 2005 and 5,800 more deaths, it says.

In addition, the number of injuries from terrorist attacks rose by 54 percent between 2005 and 2006 with a doubling in the number wounded in Iraq over the period, according to the department’s Country Reports on Terrorism 2006.

Now, I gotta say, that should be one CLEAR example that our current strategies are complete and utter failures. We’re the most powerful nation on the planet and we’re letting a bunch of cave dwellers beat the crap out of us like this? I’m still befuddled why ANYONE thinks Bush has done a good job. Just look at the numbers. They tell you everything you need to know. He has no plan that brings about peace and an end to bloodshed. He is a failure, utter and complete.


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  1. C’mon, it’s not really fair to include car bombs in that number, because, you see, it means the terrorists win!

    Daniel, this doesn’t mean our current strategies are complete failures, but that our strategies last year were complete failures. We’ll have to wait until April ’08 to find out that this year’s strategy didn’t work. In the meantime another 1,000 Americans dead.

    The comparison to WWII isn’t as apt as the well-worn comparison to Vietnam. On the Vietnam timeline we’re in the late 60s, early 70s: on the heels of a massive offensive (Tet vs. the current uptick in insurgent violence) that was not successful strategically, but sure did kill a lot of people, as the State Department study shows (child casualties up 80%!!!); a hurried attempt at Vietnamization, or Iraqization as the case may be. We signed the Paris Accords in ’73 and Saigon fell in ’75.

    I don’t know how far you can take the comparisons. Personally, I think the regional consequences to a failed Iraqi state are far more serious than a Communist Vietnam. I think it’s clear, though, that we won’t be out of Iraq before Bush is out of Washington.

  2. To play Devil’s advocate, it’s a lot easier to win a war when 1) you know who and where the “bad guys” are, 2) you have a bunch of volunteers and draftees to rely on to fill the ranks and 3) you’re both using the same kinds of weapons (fighter plans, destroyers, tanks, etc).

  3. Nate,

    True, the better comparison is to Vietnam, as much as conservatives hate it. As to how valid the comparison is, we won’t know until the Iraq conflict comes to an end. The North Vietnamese were certainly more powerful and organized than insurgents in Iraq are. Keep in mind also that we had far more troops in Vietnam, going up against a formidable foe.

  4. Jesse,

    True, but to continue the devil’s advocate, with the enemy adapting to our tactics, doesn’t this show our failure at not adapting also? That was Lieutenant Colonel Paul Yingling’s main scathing critique of our military today after all.

  5. Well Daniel, I check back to see if you left me a comment, and there is already several conversations I missed in one day.

    But, still an awesome blog, and it’s really helping with my goal to read more about what’s going on in the news, and you’re blog is really gettin’ me to it.



  6. And in response to the article, I can’t really say that’s a shocking number, because I really can’t believe it’s accuracy. I mean take a look at this:


  7. Personally I don’t really think we are in a real war on terrorism. I think our goal is to control the oil resources in the middle east, and the fact that there are so-called “terrorist” attacks on our interests is actually very convenient to Bush and crowd as it adds support to the time honored principle that says the American people always have to have an enemy to be afraid of.
    The “terrorists” fill that role well. If we didn’t have an enemy to be afraid of we’d be rallying for real change in US politics! However, now that we’re held at bay by our fear and threats of the mushroom cloud, we are allowing all sorts of things we wouldn’t stand for otherwise.
    An enemy that doesn’t disappear is really handy for those in power since they don’t have to make one up so often. The Soviets were a good enemy for years. When they disappeared we had to work hard to get Quaddafi or Saddam etc. Now we have terrorism as the enemy that’s gonna get yo mama. It’s under our bed, it’s in our closet… watch out!
    Currently Iran is being called the number one supporter of terrorism, and thus Iran is being transformed into the next enemy we need to be afraid of in conjunction with terrorism. Too bad we can’t see that the number one terrorist group in the world right now is the US military.

  8. McClatchy News (formerly Knight-Ridder) is one of the few news agencies left in America with integrity, and as Bill Moyer recently showed in his recent documentary “Buying the War”, the major US source to question the 2003 invasion of Iraq. As a result the US government has essentially been gutted, with incompetent pseudo-Christians filling the roles of former professionals. For an example of McLatchy reporting on what happened by putting the Saudi radicals at Gitmo (rather than targeting Saudi initially, rather than Iraq) see: http://www.realcities.com/mld/krwashington/17151354.htm

    I too commend Daniel’s TGD as one of the best political blogs on the web, putting REAL religion back in the mix, an absolutely necessary condition for returning the US back from a REAL Fascist state on the level of Germany’s Hitler. Much has been written on how a 24 year old with NO training in business, economics, or accounting was assigned the task of setting up the Iraqi stock exchange, a highly trained and experienced MD was replaced with someone whose medical credentials were limited to opposing abortion, or a staff of three tried to privatize Iraq, when 8,000 trained folks privatized East Germany.
    A current focus is the politicization of the DoJ were Murray Waas has the latest:
    but I hear this from friends resigning from every US department.

    We are basically sacrificing American soldiers as did the Mayans of yore, to some false God of conquest, merely to avoid the ugly truth that the longer we stay, the worse it becomes. The irony of all this is that we created the mujaheddin in a similar successful attempt to sink the former USSR and are now caught in the trap of our own invention. Power ends up deluding completely, with leaders having no grasp of reality. Sad.

    “Military power wins battles, but spiritual power wins wars.”
    —Five Star General George Marshall

  9. I can’t help but wonder if the Nephites’ response to the Gadiantons (lock ’em out of the Nephites’ cities and wait for them to starve to death out in the mountains since they were unable to come and take the Nephites’ stuff to survive on) is somehow the answer to terrorism.

    I do note that it doesn’t involve engaging them much in battle if at all. Since we’re not energy independent, though (maybe that’s the problem and the answer!) seems like it would be tough to completely break off trade with the middle east…

  10. Bradley,

    Thanks for sharing that article. Yeah, it’s pretty astounding that the Bush administration is trying to play down the numbers, as if that will change reality.

  11. Curtis,

    I do think that many conservatives have deluded themselves into thinking that there really is a “war on terror” (or the many variations of that phrase that they keep coming up with that just doesn’t quite fit with reality). We know Bush and company wanted to invade Iraq during their administration anyways. 9/11 just simply gave them the opportunity. Such a shame, because we’re really creating massive problems for the future and many of us don’t even know it yet.

  12. Erik,

    Thanks for your comments and compliments. The comparison to Afghanistan is actually quite good. The mujahideen were successful against the Soviets precisely because they used the very same terror tactics being used against us now, car bombs, suicide bombs, etc. Moreover, the Soviets went in without a real plan (always a bad idea) that covered most contingencies, and then upon hitting the sands, they never adjusted.

    Adapt, or die on the battlefield. It should be the motto of every warrior.

  13. Mark,

    That is a good idea actually. Most reasons given by Al-Qaida for their war against us stems from our interference in “their” lands. Bin Laden himself stated that American military presence in his holy land of Saudi Arabia set him off. The Nephites of 3 Nephi chapter 3 were besieged by the Gadianton Robbers. Some had implored Gidgiddoni, their prophet and military leader to go after the Gadianton Robbers in the mountains, but he said the following:

    20 Now the people said unto Gidgiddoni: Pray unto the Lord, and let us go up upon the mountains and into the wilderness, that we may fall upon the robbers and destroy them in their own lands.
    21 But Gidgiddoni saith unto them: The Lord forbid; for if we should go up against them the Lord would deliver us into their hands; therefore we will prepare ourselves in the center of our lands, and we will gather all our armies together, and we will not go against them, but we will wait till they shall come against us; therefore as the Lord liveth, if we do this he will deliver them into our hands.

    Would something like this work today? I don’t think so. Al-Qaida has a good resting place right now in the mountains of Pakistan. They’ve got support and cover. We’re not going to go into Pakistan. I don’t know what the best answer is at this point (the best answer to start, back in 2001 and 2002 was to focus all our strength on defeating our real enemy—Al-Qaida, and not go adventuring in Iraq). We’ve so screwed this up that, well, I don’t know what will solve the problem now.

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