Americans Disapprove of Bush’s Veto

May 8, 2007 at 3:37 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Congress, Democrats, Iraq, Republicans, violence, War on Terror | 2 Comments


54% of Americans oppose Bush’s use of the veto last week, and most Americans trust the Democratic Congress over the White House on Iraq.

Unfortunately, the numbers are not where they need to be. Too many Americans are still being frightened by Bush and company’s rhetoric. How to break through that…yeah, that’s going to take some time. I really do think when Americans step back and look objectively at this period in their history, they will be ashamed of what has transpired since Bush and the Republicans came to power. Hopefully they will come to this realization quick enough to break the Republican party for decades to come.


I like how Michael over at puts it:

I am part of the majority. Why is it so silent?

Silent or not, I do think that the electorate will take its revenge at 2008. Bush is making Hoover look good. And Hoover defined his party for over a generation. We’ll get the enablers.

Indeed we will.


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  1. Daniel,

    Bush and company use rhetoric to frighten people to believe that the occupation of Iraq is justified. The key here is not the frightening rhetoric they use to gain public support, rather the key is their opinion. Bush and company believe the occupation of Iraq is justified. Where is the shame in believing in something? Where is the shame in fighting a fight that no one else will? But there is one heck of a lot of shame in slandering people. You paint Bush as an evil person bent on ruining america. That is shameful. So yes, I agree with you. I am ashamed of what has transpired since Bush and the Republicans came to power. Namely that a very large number of Americans never even gave the Iraq war a chance, just because Bush began it. That is shameful.

    You know, four years ago a great majority, even Hillary, were in support of invading Iraq (even if you think they lied). Now, becuase the violence has not been able to be subdued, people are against the war. People are giving up. Bush has simply said, no. We cannot give up. It is like a family hiking up a hill. The kids get tired. They all vote to stop hiking. The father vetos their vote and the family continues the hike and finally they reach the top. Once they reach the top, the kids will not be ashamed of getting there.

    During the four year occupation, several things were done that I believe were mistakes. You pointed out some of them in a different post “Three years ago, we should have talked with Iran and Syria. Three years ago, we should have had a surge to counter IMMEDIATELY the insurgency that was certainly not in its “last throes” but just beginning to gain strength.” Three years ago we also could have done a better job on reconstructing Iraq and returning life to normal for the Iraqis.

    So the situation in Iraq is bad. Does this warrant a withdrawal? It is like the family on the hike took a wrong turn onto a different trail. When they realize their mistake they return and continue on the right trail. This is precisely what Bush is doing. He is attempting a surge to control the never-ending violence. Last week, Iran announced it would attend the joint conference on Iraq. Bush is attempting to get back on the right path. Will you not stand behind him?

  2. Bush is attempting to get back on the right path. Will you not stand behind him?


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