On the Absurdity of the Case Against Jose Padilla

May 18, 2007 at 9:53 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, corruption, Gitmo, Jose Padilla, secret combinations, Torture | 3 Comments

Firedoglake reports from the trial against Jose Padilla, and in this particularly good article Lewis Koch notes the total absurdity surrounding the case of Jose Padilla, and that of Hamdi, who is also an American citizen but is sitting free and comfortable back in Saudi Arabia. Why is Jose Padilla not free?

Absurd man, absurd.


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  1. For such an active blog, you really deserve to be listed on more of the LDS blogrolls and aggregators.

  2. I just started reading Catch-22 and Koch is right on in comparing GITMO to Heller’s work. It blows my mind that for purposes of obtaining access to the courts the administration argues that GITMO is outside of the United States, making access more difficult. Yet, for the purposes of the Torture Statute, GITMO is considered inside the US, meaning that the Torture Statute doesn’t apply at GITMO. Absurd indeed.

  3. Chino,

    Thanks. I’d love that, but then I’m conflicted, because I spend too much time talking politics. I guess what I wish is for all this madness to finally end, and then I’ll get back to saner topics. 🙂

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