Romania, You Broke My Heart

June 9, 2007 at 11:01 pm | Posted in Romania, Torture | Leave a comment

Romania, land of my birth, you broke my heart. You made a deal with the devil and let the Bush administration torture people in black prisons on your soil. I can’t blame you, as you are at this point a weak nation, with hardly the bargaining power of a Germany or an Italy, to deny such demands from such a powerful monster as the United States of America. You need the economic rewards. They are vital to your growth. However, your deal is with the devil, and it seems the devil will come knocking now at your door for payment. And as any deal with the devil ends up being, the devil will not support you in the end. You broke my heart. America will not do you any favors now. And you may end up losing all you’ve gained in joining the European Union and NATO. Such a shame. I hope it was a worthwhile fix, that the drug was worth the cost, because the dealer is not the one who will be caught, but rather the dope. Such a shame.

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