Bush At 26% Approval

June 21, 2007 at 3:14 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Cheney, conservatives, corruption, George W Bush, Iraq, King George, neo-conservatives, Republicans, secret combinations | 8 Comments

Only three points separate Mr. Bush from the lowest of the low, that good ol’ Republican, Mr. Nixon. And Bush has over a year and a half to reach that point. Mr. Bush’s approval rating stands at 26%.

You know what I say, Bush, keep pressing those immigration reforms that right-wing talk radio just loves so much to talk about. Keep doing it, Mr. Bush. Let’s see if you can do the ultimate flip-flop. You once had 90% approval. Can you make it only 10% near the end of your term? Heck, your buddy in Israel, Olmert, is still stuck at 2% approval! Just keep offending everyone, left and right. Let’s hear more from people like Peggy Noonan who previously praised your Highness but now pout:

Why would they speak so insultingly, with such hostility, of opponents who are concerned citizens?

Keep it up, Mr. President. Who knows, we might even impeach you.


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  1. Even more telling is that Congress has an even lower approval rating, 23%. The 2008 election is going to be a bloodbath all around at this rate.

  2. Good point, Jesse.

    Conservatives are starting to finally understand the idiocy of the Bush administration. Liberals are mighty disappointed that Congress is failing to stand up to Bush. Boy, 2008 sure looks to be fascinating.

    My thinking right now is that unless Bush withdraws troops from Iraq next summer (which I hear is a rumor going around the military that he might just do), no matter how upset liberals are with their Democratic candidates, they will show up in droves at the polls because they know, this is the chance to finally drive a stake into the heart of the Republican party for a long time to come. There are something like 20 Republicans up for re-election in the Senate in 2008. I would not be surprised if more than half of them lose their seat to a Democrat.

  3. I’m thinking we won’t have to wait for the general election to see heads roll. I’m expecting to see some strong primary challengers on both sides of the aisle and a fair number of upsets of incumbents. A wave of new blood in Congress is just what the doctor ordered.

  4. I wonder what your Bloggernacle approval rating would be Dan.

  5. The 2008 election is going to be a bloodbath all around at this rate.

    I doubt it. The problem with Congress’ approval rating is that most people disapprove of the people they have no say in electing. The guy that they can vote for (or against), on the other hand, well, he’s doing a bang-up job back there in D.C., doncha know?

  6. Kurt,

    Maybe if my blog were on the MA I would care more, and maybe if I were elected as a leader among the bloggernacle the comparison would be fitting.

    Otherwise you’re really asking how any of us would be rated not by our peers but by our underlings, because that’s what we are to Bush. To Bush and especially to Cheney, we are not their boss. Oh no. They are OUR boss. So in their eyes, who gives a damn what Americans think.

  7. What does being listed on the MA matter? You are on LDSElect. You arent listed on MA because your blog is 99.9% political diatribe and 0.1% Mormon.

    More likely, “Who gives a damn what Dan thinks?” The answer, I think, is obvious.

  8. Kurt,

    I wonder then if you don’t give a damn why are you even here on my blog?

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