Visiting Our Nation’s Capital

June 27, 2007 at 7:11 am | Posted in American politics, Congress, Washington DC | 6 Comments

This past weekend my family and I visited Washington DC. It was my first trip to the capitol. I was in DC for the annual American Library Association Conference, and figured in bringing my family along so we could tour the city. I’ve blogged so much about the power brokers of DC that I was curious how I would feel walking around town. In all honesty, DC felt a lot like Bucuresti, the capitol of Romania, with grayish cement buildings reaching only a certain height.

The capitol building where Congress works, however, is a beautiful building.

The Capitol Building

My daughter enjoyed walking around the capitol…

Dan and Ava at the Capitol

…and even playing with a duck in the fountain in front of the capitol.

Ava and the Duck

I liked seeing the capitol building, especially as the day was a beautiful day.

The Capitol

I didn’t care much for the White House. Maybe it is the current occupants and the dark cloud they’ve placed over the building.


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  1. You guys were in town and didn’t let me know? That’s alright, I wasn’t in town either.

  2. Did you get a chance to get into some of the DC neighborhoods–totally different than the Mall area.

  3. hey Sherpa,

    We stayed at the Latham Hotel in Georgetown. Jaime had lived in DC before, so she knew which areas were good. We didn’t go around much beyond Georgetown, the Conference Center and the Mall.

  4. Yeah, Jaime lived here right before I moved out here, if I remember right. Yeah, those are the best areas to go to when you don’t have a lot of time. I was just curious if you got into some of the other neighborhoods. Its a good town, if I could afford it I’d live here but paying 410 a month for the master room in a house across the street from the metro? I’ll keep slummin’ it in VA.

  5. Hey Sherpa! I thought of you as Ava and I played in the playground by what I think is your building. . . We got around Georgetown quite a bit– I loved loved loved Rose Park. I wish NYers could have a park like that and treat it as well.

    I wanted to get up to Adams Morgan for some good food, but our time was short and Dan had a little aversion to public transport for some reason. We walked everywhere!!! I think that’s why my shoe broke and then I had to walk barefoot!

  6. Hey Jaime!

    Yeah, there’s a little playground kitty corner from my building on 19th between D and E.

    G-town is fun…and nuts! We were over there that Saturday evening (I flew into town Saturday evening and tried to find parking that night with friends) and I was reminded again how its much smarter to walk or take the bus from the metro in. We drove in, and ended up going to Shirlington instead. There’s some good food in g-town though too. The argentine gelato shop on wisconsin and moby dicks are two of my budget faves in that neighborhood.

    Dan had an aversion to public transportation? That’s kind of funny…especially since the metro is much cleaner than the ny subway…the buses aren’t so bad… I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the new $1.00 buses that link g-town with the national mall…… 😉

    Poor, poor shoe. Was it a favorite? At least you guys got lucky and were here when the weather was gorgeous. Its been miserable here this week, but the weather cooled off again last night.

    I’m trying to figure out how to get up to nyc for baseball and doing some fabric shopping (my bro is getting married and I’m making them a rag quilt–) If I end up there in the next couple of months (after you settle of course), it would be fun to see you guys..

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