Al-Qaida, Stronger Than Ever

July 11, 2007 at 9:28 pm | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, Cheney, corruption, War on Terror | 2 Comments

Looks like these past six years have been a complete and utter failure.

A new National Intelligence Estimate presents a sobering analysis of terrorism threats to the United States, concluding that Al Qaeda has reconstituted its core structure along the Pakistani border and may now be a stronger and more resilient organization today than it appeared a year ago, according to three U.S. intelligence officials familiar with the draft document.

So what can be done?

First of all, fire the failed leaders! Remove Bush and Cheney from power. Now!


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  1. Dan, I think this is very significant:

    1. It confirms the weak link of Pakistan in this so-called war on terror;

    2. It contradicts Bush’s long time talk of nations who harbor terrorists are the same as terrorists;

    3. It confirms Bush appears to be interested only in Iraq rather than truly finding and destroying those who are actually intent on harming American interests.

    4. It continues to provide safe haven for Bin Laden and gang, and emboldens them when they see no reprisals forthcoming. How many audio and/or video diatribes have we seen from Al Qaida’s number two within the last few weeks?

    I’ts quite unlikely Congress will actually remove Bush/Cheney; but, they do have power to reverse the Iraq war, and should do so immediately. We should use those freed up resources to go after those safe haven areas of Pakiston regardless of what it takes and what consequences there are for the current Pakistani government.

  2. Bush was never serious about taking the fight to our enemy. This should be clear from everything we’ve seen to this point.

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