Compassionate Conservatism, Except Toward Iraqi Refugees

July 11, 2007 at 9:37 am | Posted in American politics, Bush Administration, corruption, family values, Iraq, Syria | 5 Comments

The Bush administration and the Republicans claim they are “compassionate conservatives,” whatever that really means. Well, someone ought to ask them why under the Bush administration, the United States has only accepted 202 Iraqi refugees to this point. 202. That’s it. That’s all the Iraqis fleeing the horror of what is happening in their home country the United States has allowed to enter. By comparison, Syria has taken in 449,000.

Kinda makes you look foolish when Bashir Assad is more compassionate to displaced Iraqis than the Republicans who claim they are compassionate.


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  1. I can’t find the link, but I’m pretty sure that there was some discussion on KGO radio (San Francisco, 810 am) one evening a while back wherein someone suggested that the United States is now morally obligated to accept as many Iraqi refugees as would like to come here (which could very well number in the millions), given that we’ve pretty much destroyed their nation.

    And for an article that lays out the stark differences between life in America vs. life in Iraq these days, check out Iraq Reporter Schizophrenic in Disneyland.

  2. hey Mark, thanks for the comment. Indeed we are morally obligated to help as many Iraqis out as we can while their country is in tatters. But that would mean that the Bush administration acknowledges that their country is in tatters, and well we can’t have that now can we? Because that would mean Democrats are right. the politicization of this war continues.

  3. How many have we turned away? I mean, a big par of Syria housing so many refugees is obviously geographic.

    Would you feel that our obligation would extend to transportation here and accommodation once here?

  4. Would you feel that our obligation would extend to transportation here and accommodation once here?

    I’d probaby have to say yes to that. What we did (and are continuing to do) there is nothing less than a crime and a sin. Making proper restitution could get to be quite expensive, but I think it’s probably necessary.

  5. Thank you

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