The Real Neo-Conservatives, Unscripted

July 17, 2007 at 12:42 pm | Posted in American politics, conservatives, corruption, neo-conservatives, Republicans, secret combinations | 3 Comments

From their recent cruise in Mexico. They are still in power, until 2009, and hopefully no more.



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  1. I agree that there is a dangerous far-right influence in the republican party, which is the source of the so-called “right-wing conspiracy.”

    These so-called “neo cons” encourage a policy of social darwinism, “eat-or-be-eaten,” “take advantage of your neighbor”, “survival of the fittest”, “let the markets work”, “its not personal its only business” mentality. This kind of behavior “grinds the face of the poor” and underminds the public’s trust in the great institutions of our country (assumption = its better to trust in institutions than individuals).

    However, there is an equally dangerous “left-wing conspiracy” in the democratic party. These so-called “liberal secular progressives” want to change the laws to assure that consenting adults should be enabled to have se_ whenever, wherever, and with whomever they want. Unfortunately, even protected sex creates unwanted pregnacies which denies that child the right to be born into a family with both a father and a mother. (assuption = laws should reflect the ideal and not the least common denominator).

  2. a mere influence? They run the country right now, Broz!

  3. gobsmacked.

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